Weather Delays and Closings

During periods of inclement weather, or other circumstances such as power or water outages, SUNY Ulster may find it necessary to cancel classes and events. During such circumstances, SUNY Ulster uses the following channels of communication to notify students, faculty, and staff of delays and cancellations.

Instant Notification through RAVE Alert

SUNY Ulster uses the RAVE Alert platform to inform students, faculty, and staff of class cancellations. All students, faculty, & staff are automatically enrolled in RAVE Alert with their SUNY Ulster-provided email address.  Additional means of contact (text message, other email addresses, and voice phone numbers) can be added to your RAVE Alert profile as desired. To add contact methods, please log onto the SUNY Ulster Portal, go to the Personal Information channel (either in the Student Resources tab or Human Resources tab depending on your role) and click "SUNY Ulster Alerts."

SUNY Ulster Main Website

When classes are canceled, or there is another type of emergency situation on campus, an Emergency Alert notice will be posted on the home page of the SUNY Ulster website.

Portal Logon Page

Class delays and cancellations are posted in the Today On Campus area of the portal logon page.

Social Media

Class delays and cancellations will be posted to the SUNY Ulster Facebook page and the SUNY Ulster Twitter feed.

Local TV and Radio Stations

Class cancellations will be published through the following local radio and TV stations.

 RNN Television  Fox 5/WNYW Television
 WNBC Television  Spectrum News/YNN
 WNYT Television  WRGB Television
 WTEN Television  WXXA Television
 WKNY 1490AM  WPKF 96.1FM
 WRNQ 92.1FM  WKIP 1370AM/1450AM/98.5 FM
 WRWD 99.3/106.9/107.3FM  WBWZ 93.3FM 
 WVOS 95.9FM  WKZE 98.1FM
 WDNB 102.1FM  WZCR 93.5FM 
 WHUC 1230AM  WCTW 98.5FM 
 WDST 100.1FM  WPDH 101.5FM
 WPDA 106.1FM  WKXP 94.3FM
 WCZX 97.7FM  WZAD 97.3FM 
 WRRV 92.7FM  WRRB 96.9FM
 WXPK 107.1FM   WHVW 950AM 
 WGNY 98.9FM/1220AM  WJGK 103.1FM 
 WLNA 1420AM  WHUD 100.7FM
 WSPK 104.7FM  WBNR 1260AM 
 WSUL 98.3FM  WBPM 92.9FM 








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