Barbara "Basia" Coulter



“I learn, I develop and I transform at SUNY Ulster”

Barbara “Basia” Coulter
Advertising Design and Graphic Technology ’13

Like the Renaissance artists who worked under a master before going out on their own, Barbara “Basia” Coulter understands and appreciates the importance of formal training and internships – and she’s found that at SUNY Ulster.

A native of Poland, Basia earned a master’s in biology and a PhD in neurobiology from universities in that country and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Iowa before deciding that science and research did not fulfill her career aspirations.

It was while living and volunteering at a Buddhist monastery in Woodstock that she discovered her true passion in the graphic arts. There she learned graphic design of books and newsletters, Web content coordination, video editing and more.

Although she has worked in the graphic and Web design field for more than a decade with non-profits and small businesses, and in 2010 launched BasiaDesign, a graphic design studio in Willow, she decided to return to school full-time in 2012 to formalize her education by earning an Advertising Design and Graphic Technology associate’s degree.

“I am a strong believer in apprenticeship and in learning from the experience of those who have mastered a given set of skills. Interacting with teachers and with other students in a school setting is a necessary step on my path to becoming a professional graphic designer,” she says.

Basia has found exactly what she was looking for at SUNY Ulster through her interactions with faculty and design students; working as an intern at the college’s Department of Publications, Printing, and Graphics Services; and participating in the mentorship program.

“Going back to school at SUNY Ulster has been the right decision that will pay off in a not-so-distant future,” she says. “The teachers are not only qualified professionals in their respective fields, but true educators striving to help students be successful and achieve their academic and professional goals. I have received a wonderful level of encouragement and confidence-building support accompanied by a healthy level of stimulating challenge.”





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