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Most students occasionally need a little help keeping their studies on track. At SUNY Ulster, your success is not only important to you, it’s important to us. You never need to feel you’re on your own.

The following services are available free of charge to help you gain the most of your college education. The range of services includes academic, career, and personal counseling, as well as practical help with your coursework and finances. All you need to do is ask.
SUNY Ulster is also a National Voter Registration Act voter registration site, and the Learning Center and TRiO programs make this service available to all students. You can register to vote by visiting either office.

ACES provides services to students with emotional and psychological disabilities. ACES counselors help students manage the college environment successfully by providing a 25-hour orientation, disability-related counseling, liaison with campus and community services, assistance with the completion of forms, one-on-one social support, and peer support. Students may refer themselves or be referred by a VESID or mental health counselor. The Academic Coaching for Educational Success (ACES) program at SUNY Ulster is sponsored by the Ulster County Mental Health Association. Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 119) 845-687-5073 800-724-0833, x 5073

Services for students with disabilities are coordinated through Disability Services, located in Vanderlyn Hall 128A (VAN 128A).

SUNY Ulster's faculty and staff are understanding and responsive to the needs of students with disabilities. The College's commitment to serving its students is stated in its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy, which appears in the Student Handbook, a publication distributed to all students.

All buildings and classrooms on the Stone Ridge campus are wheelchair accessible. An elevator is available in the library and library staff will retrieve materials from the mezzanine for students unable to access that area. Four elevators, located throughout the campus, offer students access to all other levels of the campus. Restrooms designed to accommodate inpiduals with disabilities are located in each building throughout the campus. Parking lots offer parking spaces reserved for vehicles with accessibility symbols. Campus parking stickers for students with disabilities are issued by Campus Security located in the Hasbrouck Building (HAS 106).

Students needing classroom and testing accommodations are encouraged to request these services before the start of the academic semester, so that the necessary arrangements can be made in a timely manner.  In order to set up accommodations please submit documentation of disability to  

The College works cooperatively with such outside agencies as Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR), the Mental Health Association of Ulster County, Ulster County Mental Health, and the New York Department of Labor to provide an accessible learning environment for its student population.

Disability Services

Sonia Levine 
Disability Services Coordinator 
SUNY Ulster-Vanderlyn 128A
491 Cottekill Road
PO Box 557
Stone Ridge, NY 12484

Office: (845) 687-5121 

Fax: (845) 688-6052 

Career development is a lifelong process. With over 30,000 occupational titles out there, it’s no wonder people have a hard time making career decisions. Even after selecting a career path, the average American is estimated to make three to five career changes in their lives.

Career Services offers free resources and personalized career counseling for students, alumni -- as well as community residents. Our counselors can help with everything from choosing a major that leads to the career you want, to conducting a job search to find employment in your chosen field.
Services include:

  • Making informed career decisions
  • Writing job search letters
  • Practicing job interview skills
  • Providing feedback on your resume and cover letter
  • Searching for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities and more…

Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 119) 845-687-5091 800-724-0833, x5091


The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is a New York state grant program that provides assistance through academic programs, financial assistance, counseling/advising, and other campus support services to those who are from low-income and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

Learn More!

To find out if you're eligible, and apply, visit the EOP Program Page.

The Fresh Start Policy (FSP) provides a student who left SUNY Ulster without completing an academic program an opportunity to return and start again with a new grade-point average (GPA). FSP is an option, however, only for students who have not taken a course at SUNY Ulster for at least two academic years. 

The FSP student will retain previous credit that

  • (1) was completed with a grade of C- or better and 
  • (2) can be applied to the requirements of the student's current academic program. However, no quality points earned from these courses will be applied to the student's GPA. The College may allow up to six credit hours of D+, D, or D- work from the student's previous courses when the inclusion of that work will allow the GPA for course work being accepted under FSP to be a 2.0 or higher. These credits will be considered only as general electives and will not be accepted in the major area of study.

Only quality points earned from courses taken after readmission will then apply to the student's GPA. Also, only those courses taken after readmission will count toward the student's eligibility for the Dean's List and other honors. 

The student who chooses this option must apply for the FSP when returning to the College. Fresh Start Application

The eligible student will be granted FSP officially only after completion of 12 new credit-bearing semester hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher in courses approved by the Associate Dean for Counseling and Student Services. To be eligible for a degree, the student must take at least 18 additional credit-bearing semester hours at SUNY Ulster for a minimum of 30 credit hours after readmission. The FSP student who wishes to obtain a one-year diploma must complete a total of 15 credit bearing semester hours after readmission. 

Application for FSP must be made at the time of reentry and can be made only once during a student's academic career at SUNY Ulster. Once accepted, the student cannot petition for any other transcript modification. The student will sign an agreement acknowledging his or her understanding of this policy.

The Center for Academic Planning & Support (CAPS) assists students in learning, developing academic skills, and attaining academic success. We are dedicated to supporting and advancing teaching and learning by working collaboratively with faculty, administrators, and students to provide quality services, programs, and resources.

Visit the CAPS Page

Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 247) 845-687-5039 or 800-724-0833, x 5039

The Gary & Janaki Patrik Math Center: The Patrik Math Center is a math tutoring center where students can improve and develop math-related skills. All levels of mathematics are tutored on a drop-in basis by professional and peer tutors. Students can also receive assistance in managing math anxiety.

Tutoring is a free service for all SUNY Ulster students.

SUNY Ulster students are often available to act as Peer Tutors for courses in which they excel. Arrangements for peer tutoring by students who have been approved by SUNY Ulster instructors to offer assistance in certain subject areas, may be made in the Learning Center.

Assistance may include small group study sessions in one of the Center's tutoring rooms. Students who would like more information about peer tutoring, either using the help of one or becoming one, should speak with the staff of the Center.

Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 247) 845-687-5039 800-724-0833, x 5039

Personal Counseling is provided to students by the Department of Student Services. This short-term service includes crisis intervention, advocacy and referrals to community agencies. All discussions are held in strict confidence. Referrals to long-term services can also be arranged.

Linda Farina MPS, CASAC Fieldwork Coordinator/ College Counselor
Vanderlyn Hall (Van 119 F)
| 800-724-0833, x5192

The Student Success Program (SSP) is a joint effort of SUNY Ulster and the Ulster County Department of Social Services. SSP is designed to provide a pathway to college for TANF participants and economically disadvantaged high school students at the Kingston, Onteora and Ellenville high schools

Components of SSP include workshops that focus on: college readiness, career exploration, leadership skill development, and emotional well being. The program also connects students to SUNY Ulster Scholarships, assists with the cost of child care while attending classes, and provides bus vouchers/mileage reimbursement for eligible participants.

KCSU, Room 208 B
or contact the Ulster County Department of Social Services.

Student Support Services is a federally funded U.S. Department of Education TRIO grant program that provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and serves to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. A student is eligible to participate in the TRIO/Student Support Services Program if he or she meets any of the following requirements: is a low income individual, first generation college student, or a student who has a disability. The following services will be offered to eligible students: transition-to-college workshops and success seminars, structured first year experience addressing learning styles and needs, tutoring, mentoring, study groups, cultural enrichment activities and trips to four year colleges.

Individualized academic, financial, personal, career and transfer counseling are also provided, as well as assistance with note-taking, study strategies, test preparation, and time and stress management. The Student Support Services Program also awards scholarships each semester to students who have met academic and program participation requirements.

The Student Support Services Program is funded by a $505, 000 United States Department of Education Grant.
128 Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 101)
8845-688-6054 800-724-0833, x 6054

The Transfer Office has helped thousands of students on their journeys from SUNY Ulster to colleges and universities near and far, including: SUNY and CUNY schools; local schools such as Marist, Mount Saint Mary & Siena and a myriad of private and specialized colleges such as RPI, SVA and Boston Architectural College, among others.

Visiting our transfer office early in your college career will help us develop a transfer plan for you that best ensures you’ll meet all the requirements necessary to get in.

For Questions, contact Kate Smith
Director of Transfer Services
VAN 119

At SUNY Ulster's Writing Center, professional writing tutors are available to assist students with writing assignments in all subject areas. One-on-one tutoring is used in conjunction with writing exercises to help students improve the grammar, syntax, diction, and organization in their assignments. No appointments are necessary; walk-ins are welcome.

To get the most out of the Writing Center, students with general writing concerns should bring a writing sample with them. Students needing help with a specific assignment should bring a rough draft or as much information about the assignment as possible.

At SUNY Ulster's Writing Center, professional writing tutors are available to assist students with writing assignments in all subject areas. One-on-one tutoring is used in conjunction with writing exercises to help students improve the grammar, syntax, diction, and organization in their assignments. No appointments are necessary; walk-ins are welcome.

To get the most out of the Writing Center, students with general writing concerns should bring a writing sample with them. Students needing help with a specific assignment should bring a rough draft or as much information about the assignment as possible.

The Writing Center staff provides supplemental instruction focused on teaching students all the skills related to writing proficiency.

Tutoring is a free service available for all SUNY Ulster students.

Please note: The Writing Center staff does NOT edit, proofread, spell check, or type your work.

Monday-Friday: Hours are set at the beginning of each semester.

The Writing Center
VAN 247

For Questions, contact Jane M. Kithcart
Director of Academic Support Services and Placement
SUNY Ulster Learning Center
VAN 247





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