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What Are Micro-Credentials? How Can They Benefit Me?

Both locally and nationally, today’s employers are now looking for candidates with more than a college degree. Employers are looking for personnel that have detailed credentials with a proven and tailored

6 Questions All Transfer Students Should Ask

As college students pursuing forms of higher education, question-asking really becomes a learned art. After all, in order to make informed decisions regarding our future as academics, we need to understand

Start Your Creative Career with the SUNY Ulster Graphic Design Program

Are you a creative person? Do you dream of making money from your art or designs? If so, a degree in Graphic Design may be for you! Perfect for traditional and adult students who are looking for more employment

How to Make the Most of Your College Experience

Alumni Voices — Ariana Stadtlander, Class of 2017 You’ve heard it at orientation. You’ve heard it from your advisor. And any seasoned professor worth their salt will have told it to you a million

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