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Our Continuing Education program hosts a variety of open houses, events, and information sessions throughout the year. These events are an opportunity to speak with Program Coordinators and Instructors about the details of some of our course offerings and unique educational opportunities available. 

CASAC Info Session

For those interested in becoming an addictions counselor or for professionals who wish to specialize in addiction counseling, this session will address the training, education, and competencies needed.

DCB1853 CRN 67006 W 8/10 5-6pm KSU Free

Advanced Manufacturing Info Session

Whether you are new to manufacturing or are looking to upskill, SUNY Ulster has a wide range of courses to serve your needs. This information session will discuss how you can quickly complete one of six manufacturing Microcredentials.  Two new Microcredentials start this fall; Cut and Sew Microcredential and CNC Fundamentals Microcredential which is a training program inclusive of those with Level I Autism. Let us help you achieve your career goals. Apply for one of the many scholarships.  For more information regarding manufacturing programs at SUNY Ulster, contact Barbara Reer at reerb@sunyulster.edu or at 845-802-7171. Take a look at an overview of the Advanced Manufacturing program.

DCB2118 CRN 67018 W 8/10 5-6pm KSU Free

High School Equivalency Diploma (GED) Info Session

Come and meet our instructors and learn about our comprehensive GED review classes designed for students wanting to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma.

DCB 2241 CRN 67007 W 8/10 5pm KSU Free
DCB 2241 CRN 67008 W 8/10 6pm KSU Free

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Come and meet our instructor and take part in this interactive class for those looking for an ESOL class.

DCB2410 CRN 67009 W 8/10 5pm KSU Free
DCB2410 CRN 67010 W 8/10 6pm KSU Free





Each term we hold an Open House event which provides students an opportunity to speak with program coordinators or instructors to learn more about the courses we offer. Examples of areas that may be included:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Green Careers
  • Web Development
Various information sessions will be available for you to pre-register for during our next open house. 
Join us IN PERSON at the Kingston Center on Wednesday August 10, 2022 beginning at 4pm to learn more about our upcoming course offerings. Or, sign up for one or more of the information sessions to the left.





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