Equipment for Student Use

Equipment for Student Use

The following equipment is available for student use:  

  • A FAX can be sent from the printer/photocopier machine in the Library. (FAX users are charged as follows: first page $1.25; second page $1.25 and each additional page $.50.) Charges are applied to the student’s Papercut print tracking account.    

  • Printers are available in open labs, the library and lab classrooms. Students are charged per print and provided an initial balance based on the number of credits for which they have enrolled for the semester. Students can see their print balance and add funds to their print balance via the Portal.

  • Scanners and Copiers are available in the McDonald Dewitt Library and the Open Computer Lab (HAS 220). Scanning is free and each copy is charged to the student’s Papercut print tracking account. 

  • The Computer Lab on the second floor of Hasbrouck Hall (HAS 220) on the Stone Ridge campus offers 50 internet-connected computers with Office 2016. It is available to all students currently registered for credit classes during the semester. Computers are accessed with the student’s User Name and Password which is available via the “Get your password” link on the Portal login page, upon the student's admission to the College.

  • The Student Lab at the Kingston Center in room 114.  Registered students with a student ID have access to these desktop computers with Windows 7 and Office 2016.

  • A Loaner Laptop are available to be checked out and used within the library. The library has 30+ desktop computer workstations for student use and a wireless network is available to students for use with personal mobile devices.

  • Wireless Internet is available throughout the College. In order to gain access to the wireless the student must connect to the SUNY-Ulster wireless. Students should read the Terms of Service that appears on their browser, click the button that indicates they agree to comply with the “Terms and Conditions” and click the green “Next” button. On the next page the student will enter their login and password and click “Sign In”.  These steps will need to be repeated every ten days to maintain wireless access and must be performed on each device that is connecting to the internet. If you encounter problems, please contact the helpdesk at 845-687-5169 or drop by the Office of Information Technology with photo ID in HAS 115 during Regular OIT business hours (8:00am - 5:00pm M-F).  The Continuing Education department may assist credit free students with accessing the guest wireless.   





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