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Student Services

Non-credit students can receive career coaching, financial assistance, and support services.

The Student Success Program (SSP) is a joint effort of SUNY Ulster and the Ulster County Department of Social Services. SSP is designed to provide a pathway to college for TANF participants and economically disadvantaged high school students at the Kingston, Onteora and Ellenville high schools

Components of SSP include workshops that focus on: college readiness, career exploration, leadership skill development, and emotional well being. The program also connects students to SUNY Ulster Scholarships, assists with the cost of child care while attending classes, and provides bus vouchers/mileage reimbursement for eligible participants. For more information contact Celeste Emmons at 845-688-1560 or by email at emmonsc@sunyulster.edu.

Financial Assistance

Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc. offers an array of scholarships to students taking course work at SUNY Ulster. All students are encouraged to submit an application. Since workforce and career courses start at different times than credit bearing courses, it is always recommended that you send us an email once you have submitted your scholarship application so that we can respond to the request in a timely fashion. For details, visit our Scholarships page.

If you're an unemployed or underemployed job seeker who wants to upgrade or learn new skills, the Ulster County Career Center might be a good resource to help provide you financial support and other resources.

If you're unsure about your eligibility for Scholarships or other Financial Aid opportunities, fill out our Financial Aid Inquiry form and someone will get back in touch with you.

Career & Job Services

Career development is a lifelong process. With over 30,000 occupational titles out there, it’s no wonder people have a hard time making career decisions. Even after selecting a career path, the average American is estimated to make three to five career changes in their lives.

Career Services offers free resources and personalized career counseling for students, alumni -- as well as community residents. Our counselors can help with everything from choosing a major that leads to the career you want, to conducting a job search to find employment in your chosen field.
Services include:

  • Making informed career decisions
  • Writing job search letters
  • Practicing job interview skills
  • Providing feedback on your resume and cover letter
  • Searching for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities and more

For more information call 845-687-5091 or email careerservices@sunyulster.edu.

Peer Tutoring

SUNY Ulster students are often available to act as Peer Tutors for courses in which they excel. Arrangements for peer tutoring by students who have been approved by SUNY Ulster instructors to offer assistance in certain subject areas, may be made in the Learning Center.

Assistance may include small group study sessions in one of the Center's tutoring rooms. Students who would like more information about peer tutoring, either using the help of one or becoming one, should speak with the staff of the Center at 845-687-5039 or by email at lac@sunyulster.edu.

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