Cross Registration

SUNY’s Cross Registration policy is primarily intended to resolve scheduling conflicts for required courses that would delay timely program completion.  By providing access to required courses at other SUNY campuses, cross registration allows students to complete requirements in situations where a course or courses are unavailable at their home campus.

Students attending a SUNY community college or four-year college may take courses at other SUNY institutions while in most cases paying just one bill to the home school.   Students may be responsible for course-related fees to the host school.  A Home institution is the SUNY institution where the student is enrolled in a degree or certificate program.  A Host institution is the SUNY institution that provides instruction to a student who is pursuing a degree or certification at a different SUNY Home campus.


Cross-registered courses must satisfy the requirements of the degree or certificate they are seeking from their home school.  Both the home and host school must approve the cross registration request.  Approvals should be in place prior to the start of the academic term.   A nonresident fee will be on the new student’s account until Ulster county residency is proven or a Certificate of Residence has been provided by the home county’s Treasurer’s Office.  This nonresident fee is not covered by the cross registration agreement and will be the student’s responsibility to pay if a Certificate of Residence has not been provided or, for Ulster County residents, proof has not been supplied.


In addition, to be eligible for cross registration, students must be in good academic standing at the home school and requests are subject to course availability and meeting course prerequisites.  

More information including FAQs can be found at SUNY's Cross Registration Information

Students should submit cross registration requests on the SUNY Cross Registration Form.





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