Office of Public Safety & Security

SUNY Ulster Public Safety & Security officers posing in front of police cruiser

At SUNY Ulster, students, faculty, staff and visitors can feel safe and secure in our close-knit community campus protected by our Office of Public Safety & Security. 

Feel comfortable commuting to campus and walking to your classes, knowing security staff patrols the grounds 24/7 every day of the year. Extra personnel are stationed in high traffic areas and for large special events. We also have a bike patrol on campus for added safety.  

We have a system of outdoor voice call-boxes, indicated by blue lights throughout campus. These voice boxes provide immediate access to Campus Public Safety and Security.

Our parking areas are well lit for greater visibility in the evenings, so you can feel secure walking to your car after a night class. Should you want an escort, you can use a blue call-box or your phone to call security.

Creating a safe and secure environment comes through the cooperation of all members of the campus population.  With this collaborative effort in mind, anyone witnessing a criminal act, an emergency situation or situations that appear to have the potential for criminal actions or emergencies, should go immediately to any telephone and call Security.

Campus Hours

The College campus is closed from 12:00am (midnight) to 6:00am every day. Exceptions are made during special college events. In addition, individuals found on campus at other unreasonable times without a valid reason may be asked to leave. SUNY Ulster Security is on campus 24 hours a day and the campus is also patrolled by the Ulster County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police.

Parking Overnight

Parking on campus from 12:00am to 6:00am is not allowed. Exceptions will only be made during special events. If you must park overnight because of problems with your vehicle, etc., please contact Security to avoid towing and/or fines.


Please do not leave valuables unattended. Always lock your vehicle.

Alcohol & Firearms  

No alcoholic beverages or firearms are allowed on campus at any time.  Violators are subject to arrest.


Per New York State Law, there is no smoking on any College property.


SUNY Ulster Crime Statistics Report   
CLERY Report 2023

Sexual Violence Prevalence (SVP) Campus Climate Survey - August 2023

John Schatzel
Interim Director, Office of Public Safety

Hasbrouck Hall Lobby
1.800.724-0833 x 5053

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SUNY Ulster's Continuity of Operations Plan For a State Disaster Emergency Involving a Communicable Disease





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