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Prin of Accounting I

ACC 101

Students are introduced to basic principles and concepts of accounting in this course. Topics include the accounting cycle, accruals and deferrals, preparation of financial statements, internal control, and an in-depth study of current assets.

Prin of Accounting II

ACC 102

Students continue to develop an understanding of accounting principles and concepts, in this course which provides for the study of forms of business equity, plant and long-term assets, current and long-term liabilities and cash flow analysis. Prerequisite: ACC 101 with a grade of C or better.

Financial Accounting

ACC 200

Students are introduced to basic concepts of financial accounting and reporting in this course. Students study the environment of accounting, the accounting model and the use of financial statements for business decision making. Key topics include accruals and deferrals, current assets, long-term assets and debt, and corporate equity. Pre or Co-requisites: MAT 115 or higher.

Managerial Accounting

ACC 204

Students will study fundamental accounting concepts that are useful to management in planning and controlling its operation. Topics include the measurement of cost, costing systems, cost-volume-profit analysis, cost allocation, budgeting, capital investing, and performance evaluation. Prerequisites: ACC 102 or ACC 200 with a grade of C or better.

Computerized ACT w/ QuickBooks

ACT 210

Students are introduced to the QuickBooks computerized accounting systems for service and merchandising businesses. In accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and practices, students utilize QuickBooks commercial accounting software to prepare and maintain comprehensive accounting information. Pre- or Co-requisite: ACC 101 or ACC 200.

Special Topics-Acctg Studies

ACT 270

Students will explore special topics in the field of career-oriented accounting studies, and a more concentrated study within the discipline. Each course will emphasize a basic understanding of content, concurrent with the developemnt of critical thinking skills in the analysis of revelant issues. This course may be taken twice for credit, provided the topics differ.

Intro to Visual Arts I

ART 101

A basic introduction to concepts and philosophical theories underlying the organization of art forms is provided in this course. Through the study of line, form, space, value, color, and texture, as interpreted in both historical and contemporary contexts, the course stresses an understanding of the elements and principles of design in the visual arts. Pre or Corequisite: ENG 101

Drawing & Composition II

ART 104

A continuation of ART 103, this course emphasizes analytical and compositional drawing through additional perceptual and conceptual problems. 1 hr. lect; 4 hrs. studio. Prerequisite: ART 103. This course is reserved for art majors.

Painting I

ART 105

An introduction to painting concepts, this course stresses the relationship of composition and color through perceptual experiences in drawing and painting.

Art History I

ART 107

This course presents a beginning survey of art history in western civilizations and other global civilizations, from antiquity through the Middle Ages. Students are provided with the opportunity to evaluate various art forms as influenced by traditional, cultural, social and religious conditions, technological progress, and industrial civilization. Pre or Corequisite: ENG 101

Art History II

ART 108

This course presents a survey of art history in western civilizations and other global civilizations, from the Proto-Renaissance through the Rococo and the 19th century. Students are provided with the opportunity to evaluate various art forms as influenced by traditional, cultural, social and religious conditions, technological progress, and industrial civilization. Pre or Corequisite: ENG 101

20th Century Art History

ART 110

Students study the history of Modern Art: Post-Impressionism to the present day.


ART 111

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals, history and principles of Printmaking. Emphasis is placed on skill building, technique and craft and Incorporates elements of composition, drawing and painting. Students will study traditional techniques like monoprint, etching, block printing and nontraditional techniques like pronto plate printing and solar plate etching. Through critical thinking, demonstrations, and critiques students will gain an understanding and mastery of the core concepts of printmaking and a portfolio illustrating command of the craft. Student assignments, concepts and proficiency will be assessed through faculty and peer review and critiques.

Watercolor Painting

ART 114

This introductory course covers the basics of watercolor with an emphasis on contour drawing, composition and color theory as a foundation for painting. Students will work from observation and a variety of subject matter to learn the basic techniques of this classical and versatile medium. Importance is placed on critical thinking and problem solving with lectures on the history and evolution of watercolor emphasizing the British tradition are part of the class.

Intro to Drawing I

ART 117

This is an introduction to drawing elements and principles for non-Art majors. Students base their drawings on direct observation of still life and landscape subject matter.

Intro to Design Foundation

ART 124

This course is an introduction to the computer hardware and software used in image manipulation and design layout used in digital art for visual communication. The course will include Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator software for a broad understanding and use of electronic and print media. This course prepares students for further studies in Fine Arts and Design Art. Lab fee. 1 hr. lect.; 3 hrs. lab.

Photography I

ART 130

This course is an introduction to traditional and digital photographic techniques, basic computer-based image processing and inkjet printing. A strong emphasis will be placed on developing aesthetic judgment through a series of assignments and critiques. Students will need a digital camera of reasonable quality (no camera phones). The department will provide all other required supplies and equipment

Three-Dimensional Design

ART 151

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals and concepts of designing in three dimensions. Using basic materials, students work on problems in a studio setting that explore additive and reductive methods of creating form, and investigate aspects of line, plane, volume, mass, space, texture, scale, time, and context. There is no required text but students will need to purchase materials. 2 hr. lect.; 4 hrs. studio. Lab fee. Prerequisite: Enrollment in this course is by advisement. This course is reserved for art majors.

Commercial Photography

ART 173

This course will build a functional base in digital photography techniques and applications for visual communication. Students will gain practical experience in photography and advertising. Students will produce images, tell a story with them and sell a client on their ideas for a particular product using those images. Students will experience the skills needed for advertising photography, what should be expected on a photo shoot, and how to create good images on their own. Pre and/or Corequisite: ART 124/equivalent, or by department approval.

Life Drawing/Anatomy I

ART 209

In this course students continue to develop drawing skills working exclusively from the human figure and anatomy. Emphasis is placed on the organization of line, value, mass, and structure through short gestural drawings and more developed longer drawings from live models and the human skeleton. Using a variety of traditional and experimental drawing media and techniques students develop a strong understanding of the human figure and its importance in art history and relevance to a visual arts training. Assistance will be given with the development of portfolios for transfer to 4-year art degree programs. This course is reserved for fine art majors. 1 hr. lect, 4 hrs. studio. Prerequisite: ART 104.

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