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Jason Farina, 2010 Individual Studies

Completed an internship at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, leading him to earn a bachelor’s in history at SUNY New Paltz. Jason studied and worked around the world before returning home to work as a graduate assistant in the International Program Office at SUNY New Paltz, where he is pursuing a master’s.

"I love learning about and working with art, nature and history. My internship at the Museum of Natural History allowed me to pursue all three passions. It provided me with the experience to perfect certain artistic techniques, which I always use in my artwork, and it gave me the knowledge and interest to pursue a degree in history."

  Assa Sacko, 2011, Communication & Media

Interned at WDST in Woodstock assisting the Promotions Director and went on to become the Promotions Director.

“My internship at WDST allowed me to get my foot through the door and show my employer that I was qualified for the position. Interning is the best way to learn about a company and find out if you are the right fit.”

Kelly Newkirk, 2014,
Vet Tech, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Completed internships with Rhinebeck Equine and Valley Cottage Animal Hospital. Her connections led to a full-time job at Rhinebeck Equine and positions as an adjunct professor at SUNY Ulster and a professional tutor with TRIO.  

“It is well worth it to do an internship. Internships provide the opportunity to explore new areas and shows future prospective employers a willingness to learn and take initiative. It also gives students a job reference and credibility in their job search. My internship led to my job offer as a Vet Tech at Rhinebeck Equine.”

Sonia Marshall, 2014,
Completed SUNY Ulster’s internship course

Gained experience as a Digital Marketing Intern for Columbia Records - Sony Music Entertainment and now works as a Social & Digital Analytics College Marketing Representative for Sony Music Entertainment.

“My internship through SUNY Ulster helped me to solidify my interest in the music industry and provided me with an invaluable experience at Sony Music. Because of my internship I have made many mentors and learned skills I will take with me for the rest of my life.”

Charles “CJ” DiStefano II

Pursuing degree in Individual Studies with plans to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in sports management.

His first Internship with Hudson Valley Renegades as a social media and marketing intern in the summer led to him being asked to return for a second stint in fall 2014.

“This internship will help me succeed in my future because it's great experience working for the Vice President seeing how all the behind-the-scenes action works. Without SUNY Ulster I wouldn't be able to do this second internship or pursue my plans plan to attend SUNY Cortland.”





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