smiling woman with laptop and teacherProfessionals enhance their careers every day whether by attending a conference, participating in a webinar or simply picking up a great tip from a peer.

Earning a microcredential is an effective way to not only learn a new skill but to earn recognition for that skill.

Microcredentials are short programs that provide relevant skills needed in today’s marketplace. They take less time to earn than a degree or certificate, often achievable in one year or less. Once the requirements of a microcredential are achieved, you are awarded proof in the form of a digital badge that can be added to your resume.

Microcredentials are a good way to demonstrate your mastery of a given skill set and are useful for those seeking new employment or career advancement at their current employment.

In an age where job practices and processes are evolving constantly, microcredentials are effective for remaining competitive and expanding areas of expertise.

Best of all, microcredentials can be stacked. Students can take the credits earned for the microcredential and apply them to a certificate or associate degree either directly after completion or anytime in the future.


Educational Credentials Come of Age - a recent study published by Northeastern University reports that close to 50% of employers report they have increased the level of education preferred or required for the same job roles over the past five years and that employer value of credentials has increased by 48% over that same time period.

SUNY Ulster offers the following microcredentials:


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