Nursing: R.N. to B.S.

R.N. to B.S.

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Nursing: R.N. to B.S.

SUNY Ulster and Empire State College are making it easier for Registered Nurses (R.N.) to secure their Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in the Hudson Valley through a partnership designed to support students during their transition from an associate’s degree or diploma to a baccalaureate degree.

This R.N. to B.S. Partnership provides:

  • A gradual transition from a classroom-based learning format to online coursework
  • A program of study that is designed for the working adult
  • An affordable and convenient B.S. option for Mid-Hudson Valley residents who want to remain in their community while completing their baccalaureate degree in nursing
  • Clear guidelines for SUNY Ulster and other associate degree or diploma nursing graduates to following during transition.
  • A distinct pathway for those wishing to secure a B.S., depending on the credentials already earned and college coursework completed. 

Registered Nurses with an associate degree or diploma in Nursing have the opportunity to complete 7 out of 10 General Education course requirements, plus 15 credits of electives at SUNY Ulster in a face to face setting at the lower SUNY Ulster tuition rate. In addition, credits can be earned for prior learning, independent study, and successful completion of selected examinations. Intensive mentoring is provided to assist students in developing an individualized program of learning and with transitioning to a fully online program through Empire State College. These credits will then be applied toward the B.S. from Empire State College. 

General Education and the 15 credits of electives may be completed by:   

  • Transferring appropriate courses completed at an accredited higher education institution and/or
  • Completing any courses of interest from two of the five General Education Elective Categories below:
    • American History Suggestion: HIS 103 - American History I
    • Western Civilization Suggestion: HIS 101 – Western Civilization I
    • Other World Civilizations Suggestions: COM 219 – World Cinema or PHI 216 – Religions of the East
    • The Arts Suggestions:  - ART 101 Introduction to Visual Arts 1 or ART 130 – Photography 1
    • Foreign LanguageSuggestions: SGN 114 - Beginning Sign Language I or SPA 110 Basic Conversational Spanish I

Suggested courses that students may take in addition to the courses previously listed and that will be accepted by ESC up to the 15 credits are listed below.


Professionals with their associate degree in nursing and an R.N. license should contact Dr. Lisa Schulte for an individual appointment to discuss courses they may be interested in transferring to the B.S. and/or the 15 credits that may be most beneficial and of greatest interest to them. Dr. Schulte may be contacted at (845) 688-1585 or via email at    


Admission to the B.S. program requires a current, an unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse in New York State. Additionally, admission to the R.N. to B.S. Partnership requires an associate degree or diploma in nursing from an accredited nursing program.

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