SUNY Ulster Advantage

If you just missed placement into college-level coursework, SUNY Ulster Advantage can help you make your transition to college more successful, maximize your financial aid and tuition dollars, and quicken your path to graduation.

SUNY Ulster Advantage equips students with the fundamental skills to succeed in college-level academic work. With small classes and individual attention, the program provides reading and writing courses, computer-assisted math instruction, tutoring, and skill development workshops in accordance with student needs. Students begin at their level and progress at their own pace. Then, they earn the opportunity to take their assessment test again for another chance to place into college-level courses. Many students have improved their reading, writing, and math placements, avoided semester-long remedial coursework, and saved financial aid dollars.

Depending on individual needs, students may take Integrated Reading and Writing (July 8-25) or Math Boost (July 29-August 8), or, for maximum benefit, they may attend both sessions for the Full Advantage.

Discover Campus Resources

  • Learn how to plan your transfer to a four-year college from Kate Smith, Director of Transfer Services.
  • Work with our Learning Center staff in a personalized learning environment.
  • Become acquainted with the campus via tours and activities.

SUNY Ulster Advantage is a five-week program that meets four half-days per week. The program is offered in the morning at the Stone Ridge Campus (Monday- Thursday, 8:45 – 11:50 a.m.). With classes kept small so you receive individual attention, the program will provide computer-assisted math instruction, tutoring, writing instruction, and skill development workshops. You will begin at your level and progress at your own pace.

Watch your skills improve in just five weeks. Then, take your Assessment test again for another chance to place into college-level courses for the fall semester.


Here’s the Advantage:

  • Get to know our outstanding faculty, staff and services.
  • Meet new friends from all around Ulster County.
  • Gain confidence in your academic ability.
  • Learn important study and time management skills.
  • Meet with an academic advisor to review your course schedule.

SUNY Ulster Advantage Meets: Monday - Thursday 8:45 - 11:50 a.m.


The summer Advantage Program at SUNY Ulster was such a positive experience and I’m beyond excited to start the Fall semester as a confident college student. I can’t stress enough how great this program is!

~ Katie Gorsline • Human Services


Summer 2019 Dates & Times

All classes will be held on the Stone Ridge Campus, Hasbrouck Hall 217, 218, & 219.

Based on individual need, students will be able to select from the following sessions:

Session 1: Integrated Reading & Writing

(followed by reading and writing assessment)

July 8-July 25


8:45-11:50 a.m.

Cost: $65


Session 2: Math Boost

(followed by math assessment)

July 29-August 8

Monday-Thursday 8:45-11:50 a.m.

Cost: $35

College success skills will be integrated into both sessions.

Sessions 1 & 2: Full Advantage: Integrated Reading & Writing plus Math Boost

Cost: $95


Student Learning Goals


  1. Recognize your writing strengths and weaknesses;
  2. Develop basic writing strategies;
  3. Read and analyze a variety of essays.


  1. Build strategies for effective college reading;
  2. Develop and increase vocabulary, comprehension and critical reading strategies;
  3. Improve reading and critical thinking skills.

Academic Skills

  1. Apply reading and writing strategies to specific academic content areas;
  2. Apply critical thinking skills to content areas;
  3. Improve academic skills necessary for college success, such as reading strategies, time management, and note-taking.


  1. Perform basic arithmetic concepts and skills, or;
  2. Strengthen your algebraic skills;
  3. Develop problem-solving strategies;
  4. Develop interest in and appreciation for math;
  5. Develop confidence in mathematics;
  6. Build a strong foundation for your next math course.


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