New Start 

A Life-Changing Opportunity to Attend College at No Cost

  New Start students

New Start is an innovative program to help people in Kingston and Ulster County who are living below the federal poverty level* or ALICE household survival budget** earn a one-year SUNY Ulster business certificate, leading to living wage employment and economic mobility. The program covers each student’s tuition, fees & books.

Critical Resources to Eliminate Barriers

SUNY Ulster, along with community partners also offer a wide variety of support services at no cost, designed to help students overcome the numerous barriers to success they might face including

  • Summer orientation program

  • Technology needed for success

  • Childcare help

  • Tutoring

  • Personal skills support to enhance self-awareness, assertiveness training, and time management

  • Workplace soft skills training

  • Speakers & networking events

  • Career mentoring and role models from SUNY Ulster & the community

  • Resume building and interview workshops

  • Weekly support groups & study groups

  • Family events at the Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster

Admission to New Start

People must be living below the federal poverty level* or ALICE household survival budget** and be eager and ready to pursue further education, internships, and new career paths. We know returning to school when you have so many responsibilities is not easy, but we are ready to help and support students every step of the way.

Admissions requirements include:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent

  • Completion of the standard SUNY Ulster application process, including applications for financial aid and scholarships

  • Review of your application by a small admissions committee to determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

In addition to submitting SUNY Ulster's general application, this worksheet and supplemental application should be submitted.

If you or someone in your community might be a good candidate for New Start,  contact:

Arie Drewes
Director, New Start
(845) 802 - 7177
*Federal Poverty levels are $15,600 for a single adult and $31,200 for a family of 4
**ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The ALICE Project is a collaboration of United Ways across the country. The average ALICE household survival budget for NYS are $23,148 (or $11.57/hour) for a single adult and $68,808 (or $34.40/hour) for a family of four consisting of two adults, one infant and one preschooler.






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