Criteria for Students Taking Online Courses


  1. Students taking online classes for the first time should have a cumulative average of at least a  2.5.
  2. First time distance learning students should also complete online orientation/training before they begin their courses.
  3. Students must register for online courses before the start of classes.  Should a student wish to add an online course after the start of classes, he or she must have a signed distance learning late add form, which requires the signature of the instructor, the academic dean, and a student success manager. (The form should be available online, and a student should be able to explain his or her case through the form and/or attain the required permissions over the phone or through e-mail.)
  4. Because of the intensive nature of fully online courses, students should acknowledge that they have access to a computer approximately 10 to 15 hours a week in a 15 week course, 20 to 30 in a seven week course and 40 to 60 in a Winter*net course.

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