Academic Travel

Academic Travel

SUNY Ulster offers 3 ways to participate in International learning:

  • COIL - Collaborative Online International Learning

    • Through short projects, within various courses, you have the opportunity to collaborate with an international partner building technical skill and earning credit in a variety of subject matter at no additional tuition fee while you are here on the SUNY Ulster campus. COIL fosters cross cultural competence through multicultural learning linking a variety of courses and international schools together via the internet and social media on a global level. Participating in a COIL class provides students with experiences sought after by employers as well as transfer colleges and universities.

  • Short Term Study Abroad

    • SUNY Ulster is a leader in Short Term Study abroad programs for Community Colleges.  Short Term Study Abroad classes will earn you credits towards your degree and run 2 weeks to 17 days and are offered during the summer and winter sessions.  Classes are instructor developed and lead, with attention to one to one learning and based on the personal expertise of the instructor and subject matter.

  • Semester or Full year Study Abroad

    • We have access to opportunities for studying and travel across the globe for a half and full semester. The Office of Academic Travel assists students in researching programs, making connections, and filling out applications.

Study abroad is fun, exciting, and offers genuine experiential learning guaranteed to help you grow academically and globally.

Study Abroad

SUNY Ulster’s Office of Academic Travel offers students, adult learners, veterans, and community members Study Abroad opportunities in over 400 programs in more than 60 different countries with linkages to more than 200 overseas institutions.

Regional Travel

Various departments at SUNY Ulster also offer educational trips within the U.S. each year.

Academic Travel and COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)

COIL courses provide the opportunity to collaborate with international partners on a 4-8 week project developing technology skills, cultural competence, and networking opportunities.

Academic Travel Study Abroad Application Deadlines:

COIL courses: There is no application for COIL courses. Students have the opportunity to register for a COIL course when they register for their classes. Information about current options is available on the COIL website and as students register with their advisor.

Short-term Study Abroad Courses: Registration begins the semester prior to the course’s start date.

  • Summer and winter intersession deadlines will be listed here

Semester or Year-Long Study Abroad Courses

  • For classes starting in the fall semester: October 1

Academic Travel Financial  Aid

Financial aid and scholarships for studying abroad are available.





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