Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Medical Assistance

In case of an emergency Call Security Public Safety at Ext. 5221, or dial 911, or use Emergency Call Box.  All medical related incidents should be reported to the College Public Safety office and College Nurse.

Fire Emergency

Pull fire alarm.  Leave building using nearest exit.  If time permits, close all doors as you leave.  Call 911 and Public Safety (687-5221) from a safe location and state clearly the nature and location of the fire.  Move to a safe distance from the fire.


Leave the building via nearest exit.  If time permits close all doors as you leave.  Move away from the building.

Classroom Disturbance

Call Campus Public Safety at Ext. 5221 or use an Emergency Call Box and state clearly the nature and location of your emergency.

Lockdown logoLockdown/Shelter In Place

In the event you are instructed to lock down, proceed to a room designated by the Shelter In Place logo or to a safe location. Engage the lock in the door handle; proceed to a deep corner of the room away from the door. Do not leave until instructed to do so by College Public Safety or Law Enforcement Personnel.

Logo for Lockdown/Shelter In Place located at bottom of each door of designated room (see left).

Fire Drills

New York State law requires that several unannounced fire drills and building inspections be conducted each year. All occupants of a building are required to comply with these procedures.

Campus Public Safety & Security

Campus Public Safety is on duty 24 hours a day. An added protection for those at the College during the evening hours is the system of outdoor voice call boxes, indicated by blue lights throughout the campus. The voice boxes provide immediate access to Campus Public Safety & Security.  An evening escort service is also available upon request.





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