Campus Public Safety & Security

Campus Public Safety & Security

HAS 133 (lower Hasbrouck Lobby)
845-687-5023 Office   
845-687-5221 Emergency Line


Director's Office

HAS 134

SUNY Ulster has been extremely fortunate in remaining relatively free of crime. The College has been informed or aware of only one reportable crime since 2005 relating to illegal weapons possession. In addition there were two liquor law violations in 2008 which resulted in campus disciplinary action. All three incidents were handled promptly and resolved by Campus Public Safety with assistance from local law enforcement. No reports have been received regarding sexual, hate/bias, or violent crimes over the last three years. For more detailed information, please see the following section on Crime Statistics. Campus Public Safety personnel, comprised of both armed Peace Officers and unarmed Public Safety Officers  patrol the entire campus on a regular basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additional Public Safety personnel are also assigned to cover special events on campus.

Outdoor blue-light emergency phones and call boxes at various locations on campus provide immediate access to the College's Department of Public Safety. These boxes are indicated by a blue light displayed 24 hours a day and are operated by pushing a button for automatic dial connection to Public Safety officers on duty.

SUNY Ulster places a high priority on the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. A safe and secure environment can be achieved only through the cooperation of all members of the campus population. With this collaborative effort in mind, anyone witnessing a criminal act, an emergency situation, situations that appear to have the potential for criminal activity, or emergencies, should go immediately to any College telephone or blue-light outdoor voice box and call Campus Public Safety. Emergency call boxes are also located at various points throughout the interior of all academic buildings.   

The College's Department of Public Safety investigates criminal offenses for possible prosecution and notifies the campus community of any situations that pose threats to the safety and well-being of the population through some or all of the following media: The Slate (student newspaper); posters and Campus Alerts; the media of Ulster County; College website.

Most campus facilities are open to the public during the day and evening hours when classes are in session. The general public can attend cultural and recreational events on campus with limited access to the facilities in which these events are held.

At night and during the times that the campus is officially closed, buildings are locked and only faculty, staff, and some students with proper identification are admitted. Campus employees with assigned offices are issued keys and are responsible for reporting missing and stolen keys.

Campus Public Safety personnel receive specialized training including first aid, legal updates, and other security and safety topics. Most members of the Department of Public Safety are sworn Peace Officers in accordance with New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services standards and are armed. They are registered with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Peace Officers are trained to a Police Officer standard and have full powers of arrest. Some Campus Public Safety Officers are Security Guards and they are also required to maintain their registered status with the New York State Security Guard Program through the New York State Department of State.  

The College Department of Public Safety forwards crime reports to the Ulster County Sheriff's Office under a written agreement required by the Title II Crime Awareness and Security Act (Clery Act).The Ulster County Sheriff's Department and the New York State Police provides investigative and other support to the College Department of Public Safety. This includes assistance with reporting information through state and national information systems through appropriate law enforcement agencies. The Department of Public Safety has a working relationship with the New York State Police and the Ulster County Sheriff's Office and routinely shares crime information. Crime reports and related statistical information are also entered into the SUNY Campus Crime Information System for statistical purposes.

All members of the College community are expected to assume responsibility for their own personal safety and for the security of their personal belongings by taking common-sense precautions. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors should be on the alert for unusual incidents or individuals entering unauthorized areas of the campus and College buildings, and should report such immediately to the College Department of Public Safety.

Emergency procedure instructions are posted in all classrooms, student life areas, academic offices, and administrative offices.


Crime Statistics

Campus crime statistics can be found via our CLERY Report or can be requested from Campus Public Safety at 687-5053. They can also be accessed on the United States Department of Education's website at

Escort Service

SUNY Ulster illuminates its parking lots during evening hours until midnight. However, caution should be used when leaving an evening class or event. Those wishing an escort to their cars after dark should contact Campus Public Safety at extension 5221 or 687-5221, or use a blue-light call box; you will be speaking directly to Public Safety. If needed during normal hours, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., call 687-5000 and ask the operator to contact Public Safety to meet you at the location you specify.

Lost & Found

A lost and found collection is maintained in the Department of Public Safety. Articles are retained for 30 days before disposal.

Parking Permits

All vehicles brought on campus on a regular basis must be registered with the Public Safety office (HAS lobby). Students may be parked in parking lots D, E, and F and G. Student parking spaces are outlined in white paint. Students may not park in any restricted parking space, marked by yellow lines.

SUNY Ulster Identification Cards

SUNY Ulster I.D. cards can be obtained any day the campus is open in normal session between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at the College's Department of Public Safety office located in the lower lobby of Hasbrouck Hall. Arrangements can be made to issue cards in off hours and on weekends by contacting Public Safety at 687-5023. I.D. cards are needed to check out books from the College Library, receive financial aid payments, gain entry to computer labs and secure classrooms and receive discounts for various college events. Students are required to be in possession of their Student I.D. cards at all times while on campus and should be prepared to produce said document to any College official upon their request.





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