Public Safety Alerts

SUNY Ulster uses the RAVE Alert platform to inform students, faculty and staff of urgent and emergency conditions.  All student, faculty & staff are automatically enrolled in RAVE Alert with their SUNY Ulster provided email address.  Additional means of contact (text message, other email addresses, and voice phone numbers) can be added to your RAVE Alert profile as desired.

The alerts will include severe weather warnings, mass class cancellations and other emergency situations at SUNY Ulster.

To update your profile and add contact methods, please log onto the SUNY Ulster Portal.  Students should go to the  "SUNY Ulster Alert (RAVE)" link in the Your Information channel in the Student Resources tab.  Faculty & Staff can make updates by clicking the "SUNY Ulster Alert (RAVE)" link from the Employee Details panel of the Human Resources channel in the Employee Resources tab.  





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