Malcolm Cecil

Artist-in-Residence Program

Fall 2011
Larry Berk Artist-in-Residence

Malcolm Cecil

Born in London, England of artistic parents and formally educated in both music and physics, Malcolm Cecil became a musician, arranger, composer, record producer and audio engineer, while simultaneously pursuing a career as a technical consultant to numerous film and recording facilities throughout the world. He also lectures on music and technical topics at schools and colleges in the United Kingdom, Africa and USA.

Malcolm Cecil

A pioneer of electronic music, Malcolm built TONTOThe Original New Timbral Orchestra – the world's first and still largest multi-timbral, polyphonic analog audio synthesizer. He has owned and operated the TONTO Studio in Woodstock since 1998. Malcolm Cecil has produced, engineered and created unique electronic musical instrument sounds on albums by Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers, Little Feat, Richie Havens, Quincy Jones, James Taylor and Randy Newman. He has 5 Platinum and 21 Gold records as producer and/or engineer and received "Q" Magazine's "Unsung Hero" award for lifetime achievement.

Malcolm Cecil at the controls of TONTO

An expert in archiving and restoration, he recently discovered and restored a rare and valuable 1957 live recording of Miles Davis in concert that was released on CBS Records as "Miles Davis-Round About Midnight- Legacy Edition."





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