Keiko Sono

Larry Berk Arts & Cultural Program Visiting Artist

Fall 2013
Keiko Sono
Visual Artist, Social Practice Artist

Keiko Sono


I use visual media, video, blogs, and social media, to create events and projects that focus on connections rather than elements. I evaluate my works in terms of how many new connections are made, how much the existing ones are strengthened, and how many people or things benefit from them.

My works range from being deeply personal and contemplative, which deepens my connection with the natural environment (110 Days of Winter) or the physical space (Suspended Carbon), to widely accessible and interactive, creating robust networks within the community (Flick Book Studio and ScreenMob).

Exhibition Information

Movin’ It and Framin’ It, an art installation by SUNY Ulster’s visiting artist Keiko Sono, will be on exhibit at The Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery from Oct. 10 to Nov. 8, 2013.

The opening reception with slide lecture will be held Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. in Vanderlyn Hall Room 205, the College Lounge. The exhibit will feature collaborative projects produced by artists who have participated with Sono at Flick Book Studio, a stop-motion animation studio in Saugerties that she directs. The exhibit also will include three-dimensional art work and an interactive diagram of the community.

The exhibit illustrates the richness and vibrancy of the arts community of the Hudson Valley, while actively contributing to such richness by making and strengthening connections within and beyond the arts community as the installation gets built.

The installation also will show small segments of the artists’ lives, such as a transplanted corner of an artist’s studio and a sampling of wardrobe from another’s closet, demonstrating that creativity is not confined to finished products.

The show will be interactive and informational, providing samples of different types of animation, video and media communication, including a station where visitors make their own stop-motion animation. Sono also will offer two animation workshops to SUNY Ulster student art student while the show is in the gallery.

The project is an organic and flexible experiment by a team of artists, with a blog documenting the process.

Participating artists include Christy Rupp, Kathy Ruttenberg, Neal Hollinger, Jacinta Bunnell, Polly Law, Beth Humphrey, Ken Greene, Wayne Montecalvo, Anne Gorrick, Dean Jones and Marlon DuBois. The exhibition team is made up of Suzy Jeffers, Alicia Mikles, Dave Hebb and Neal Hollinger.

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