Fine Arts Student Show 2020 



Zachary Pelegrino


the fool








Artist Statement:

My name is Zachary Pelegrino and my main style is illustration, cartoons and character design. I have enjoyed drawing characters ever since I was young as I would draw characters I saw from TV, video games or even comic strips. This inspiration would range from cartoons such as Spongebob to video games like Pokemon or even anime such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. My characters can range from creatures to regular people to even spirits/monsters. For the longest time, I thought I wanted to do animation. However, aftering doing a pros and cons list, I realized that the cons outweigh the pros. So, I turned to my second love, which was comics. I’ve always loved comics, whether it was reading them or drawing them. I love to tell stories and I thought turning my stories into comics would be a good idea. An idea I’ve always had in my head since high school was a series of stories about three friends named Zack, Mack and Jack. The comic is about an immigrant named Zack and his misadventures with his new friends Mack and Jack. Many of the series’ characters and plots were even inspired by my actual life. My goal is to be able to do comics for a living and hopefully make Zack, Mack and Jack into a beloved series.


After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

go to SUNY Albany and work on perfecting my work.  I hope to get my BA in studio and I plan on being a cartoonist after graduating.  


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