2020-Fine Arts Student Show 2020



Megan Podeszedlik


drawing of girl with flowers








Artist Statement:

As an artist, I enjoy turning something that I love and interpreting it into my own rendition. I also enjoy creating narrative illustrations. One of my goals is to turn these narrative pieces into an ongoing story. Typically, I create artwork through traditional means. I often use pencil and paper for my artwork, as well as pen, and gouache to add splashes of color. I'm open to trying different materials for my art as well. The inspiration from my work comes from my passion for the things I’m interested in, as well as a strong inclination towards creating pieces that share a story with the viewer. I find a lot of inspiration in others' fictional works. These works inspire my art with their unique styles and ways they show their ideas through artwork. With my work, I’d like to create my own world that the viewer wants to learn more about.








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