Student Show

Second Year Fine Arts Students Exhibition

images from 2020 student art exhibit

Advanced Studio is the capstone course in the Fine Art: Visual Arts program preparing students for transfer or transition into their career choice and reflects the skills acquired during their time at Ulster.  This course is preparation for life as a working artist and the commitment and dedication required for success. Through this year-long process students were challenged with assignments and encouraged to explore new techniques and directions, facing failures and successes and personally growing as a result.  The latest challenge of adjusting to the virtual landscape was but one more hurdle to cross and overcome. 

It has been my privilege to work with this group of students and now my honor to share with you the culmination of a  year long effort reflecting the growth and hard work of these burgeoning young artists.

- Christopher Seubert


Program Coordinator ▪ Fine Arts ▪ Visual Arts


Maria Elena Ferrer-Harrington  |  Micah Fornari  |  Alexis LaCroix  |  Max Lukacik  | Isabel Martinez | Gwen Mendoza  |  Zach Pelegrino  |  Megan Podeszedlik  |  Hannah Sheeley  |  Alyssa Wiswall      




swimmers painting

 Maria Elena Ferrer-Harrington




painting of one-eyed bunnies

 Micah Fornari





 Alexis LaCroix




3 fantasy characters

 Max Lukacik




image of bodies

 Isabel Martinez




hand painting

 Gwen Mendoza





the fool

 Zach Pelegrino




drawing of girl with flowers

  Megan Podeszedlik





 Hannah Sheeley





cartoon of tired person

 Alyssa Wiswall















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