Fine Arts Student Show 2020 



Gwen Mendoza


3 fantasy characters






Artist Statement:

Hello, my name is Gwen Mendoza and I am what most people would call an “artist”. I have been doing art for almost 2 years and it has quickly become a skill I enjoy utilizing. When I create pieces, it usually deals with one of two things: serious topics or things I enjoy. Some topics I have previously delved into are mental health, gender issues, music, and pop culture. Most of the time I use pencil, posca pens, markers, and occasionally colored pencils to create works on paper or canvas, and more recently have been experimenting with photography. My goal with my art is to make someone feel as if they are not alone, be able to understand some issues that they might not have been able to grasp before, or maybe just make them smile. To put it simply, I want to make the world a bit better for some people to live in.


After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

Create art in the music field!



Volunteer work or group affiliations:

Fine Arts Club, LGBTQ+ Association








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