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Do I take all of the sixty credits for the degree online through SUNY Ulster?

No, not necessarily. Many SUNY colleges and universities offer courses via the SUNY Learning Network (SLN). Ulster County Community College will allow you to take courses online from any of these colleges or universities. Your course selections must, of course, be applicable to the degree program and be approved by your academic advisor at Ulster, but there are over 300 courses available. The program allows you to transfer as many as 30 credits to SUNY Ulster from other accredited institutions. These credits may be online courses or traditional credit courses.

What kind of computer capability must I have?

You may complete a test of your computer system to determine if you are technically able to take an online course. Point your browser to which takes you to the SUNY Learning Network Welcome Page. Complete a test of your system at this site by following onscreen directions. If you have questions, call the SLN Helpdesk at 800: 875-6269 or e-mail them at

What about financial aid?

Financial aid and student loans may be available for online courses if you meet eligibility requirements. It is possible to take courses from several different colleges in one semester, thus making determination for aid eligibility more complex. We recommend that you begin the process of seeking aid early, and that you work closely with SUNY Ulster's online financial aid advisor.

What about costs for courses and the program?

Tuition for individual courses will be the standard SUNY tuition which is established by the Board of Trustees. In addition to the regular SUNY tuition for each course, as a degree-seeking candidate at SUNY Ulster, you will pay a one-time matriculation fee of $250 and a $25 per semester advisement and evaluation fee. A current schedule of fees for the online program may be viewed by clicking on this link to Tuition and Fees.

What happens after I have matriculated?

Once you have been accepted, you will be assigned an online academic advisor. Your online advisor will help you develop an educational plan for completion of your associate's degree. Remember that your online advisor is a real person with whom you may talk, and your advisor is committed to helping you get off to a good start.

How do I get started?

More information on the admissions process for OASIS and the curriculum of required courses may be found here.  You are also encouraged to contact SUNY Ulster's Admissions Office at 800: 724-0833, extension 5018 or 5022 or by e-mail at

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