Fine Arts Student Show 2021



Anna Larson


Anna Larson's painting, Mother Nature







beet print
space print

the fool frog print

Artist Statement:

To me, all of my artwork is a self portrait regardless of the subject matter. All the work I have catalogued over the years has been a representation of my emotions, struggles, fears, and skill level at the time. 

My inspiration comes from my teachers and peers, but also from various artists such as Sheppard Ferry, Judy Chicago, and Akira Himekawa; I also love works by Botticelli, Caravaggio, and Gustav Klimt. Additionally, I am inspired by the intense realism in artwork that emerged during the Baroque period, and aspire to achieve that level of talent while still incorporating my own unique style. In my own work I tend to blend realism with cartoon or illustrative qualities. I do this by using multiple mediums to create a cohesive piece, typically through layering mediums and using techniques like cross-hatching, blending, or smudging. I want my work to evoke emotion and thought in its viewers. I also want to make an impact on others and leave them wanting more. Some of my more personal work may be seen as controversial and raw, but I personally believe that it is important to tackle matters that nobody wants to talk about in an effort to bring change into the world. With my talent, I would like to pursue a career in illustration, tattooing and possibly teaching. I intend to continue to study and work to master my talent and am open to trying new mediums, techniques, and styles as I move forward in an effort to earn my place in the artworld.


After SUNY Ulster I plan to: 

Obtain my BFA in either Fine Arts or Teaching 



Etsy: MixedUpMediaDesign


Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster:

My professor Chris Seubert told me, “it is okay to be in debt for something you love.” This struck a chord in me. My classmates have also always been inviting and so talented, and so I do not think that I could pick just one moment that would be my favorite.







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