Fine Arts Student Show 2021



Tia Anderson


illustration of person rising from water








Artist Statement:

I am a digital artist. I work with traditional media but focus heavily on digital conceptual art depicting the aesthetic of a character and environmental composition. My pieces explore composition and the understanding of conceptualizing and laying ideas on the page.

My art journey took off when I was an adolescent. I had a bright and vibrant passion for creating character concepts and displaying my artist abilities to those who were intrigued. Understanding how to take an individual's  idea and giving it structure and skin right before their eyes is something that I’ve prided myself on. Taking down the barrier between minds and connecting to produce something inconceivable, I’d say, is my passion.

After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

Transfer to Rochester Institute of technology to obtain my BFA in Illustration.


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Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster:

Me- "I have a hole in the back of my mouth where the dentist forgot to sew after removing my wisdom teeth." 
Chris- "...This is why I love you guys…"








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