Fine Arts Student Show 2020 



Alyssa Wiswall


sleeping person in fancy dress in the woods at night








Artist Statement:

For as long as I can remember; I’ve always been inspired by animated movies, illustrated books, and graphic novels, often drawing my favorite characters in my free time and obsessing over their designs and how they came to be. These mediums made me truly appreciate art and animation, making me fall in love with its style and the art of conveying storytelling through images and expressions. I made my first character when I was about fourteen, and from her, I spawned a series of other characters within her world, and I simply haven’t stopped.

I genuinely enjoy creating characters and giving them a life and personality of their own, befitting their design, and placing them in their own fictional world of my imagination. Most of my work is usually contained within my vast array of sketchbooks I’ve kept over the years that show the development of my art style and skill, which I’ve had a hard time sharing for years, only recently coming to share it with others.

During my time here in Advanced Studio, I have been pushing myself to create a digital drawing at least every other week, to practice and hone my craft and improve and familiarize myself with an area in art that I definitely feel like I could improve with. My final project is a display of my progress throughout the year, a timeline of my improvement.

After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

I am transferring to Suny Fredonia to major in Animation and Illustration.


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Honors, Awards and Scholarships:

I was in the Honors program for the first three semesters here at Ulster. I received the Phi Theta Kappa award. I am also a recipient of the College Scholars Scholarship for being in the top ten percentile in my high school. 

Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster:

I liked all of my art classes except for photography.

I also am glad that I befriended my classmate Hannah, she’s been a really cool friend who I love talking to and joking with. I always can count on her when I need to remember what the homework was or to get advice on how my pieces look before I post them or turn them in. I’m honestly sad about leaving Ulster because we’re both moving on to different colleges and I worry about not seeing her again.

I also enjoyed the times that the school served free food. I like food. Especially when it’s free.








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