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General Psychology

PSY 101

An examination of human behavior, this course covers such topics as research methods, learning, memory, psychobiology, consciousness, sensation and perception, motivation, personality, intelligence, and abnormal behavior.

Abnormal Psychology

PSY 203

This course will explore the variety of mental and emotional disorders identified by psychologists. Students will learn to recognize symptoms, understand causes, and become familiar with the treatment of mental illness. Goals for this course include the analysis of actual cases and discussion of current issues and depictions of clients, while increasing the student’s ability to respond appropriately to individuals in need. Prerequisite: PSY 101; and ENG 101.

Life Span Development

PSY 210

Physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of the individual across the life cycle are covered in this course. Students examine challenges and issues associated with each stage of development and the impact of social and cultural dynamics on the individual. Because of duplication of material, PSY 210 is not open to students who have completed 6 credits from PSY 200 and PSY 206. Prerequisite: PSY 101; and ENG 101.

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