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Debra Adair

Debra M. Adair, Ph.D.

Title(s): Adjunct Professor
Department: Biology


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Contact Information
Phone:845-687-5231 (Dept. Secretary)
Office location: Stone Ridge Campus, HAR 225 
Email: adaird@sunyulster.edu

Degree Information

BS Biology University of New Mexico, 1993
MS Biology Northern Arizona University, 1999
Ph.D. Medical Microbiology Warsaw Medical University, 2005 

Courses Taught

Anatomy and Physiology
General Biology
Human Biology

Primary Area of Expertise

Molecular Genetics 

Publications and Presentations 

  • Tomasz Laskus, Marcin Chmielewski, Jeffrey Wilkinson, Debra Adair, Andrzej Horban, Grzegorz Stańczak, Marek Radkowski Effect of Hepatitis C Infection on HIV-Induced Apoptosis PLoS One. 2013 Oct 1;8(10):e75921.
  • Adair DM, Radkowski M, Jablonska J, Pawelczyk A, Wilkinson J, Laskus T. Differential display analysis of gene expression in brain from hepatitis C infected patients. AIDS. 19 Suppl 3:S145-S150, October 2005.
  • Laskus T, Radkowski M, Adair DM, Wilkinson J, Scheck AC, Rakela J. Emerging evidence of Hepatitis C neuroinvasion. AIDS. 19 Suppl 3:S140-S144, October 2005.
  • Radkowski M, Horban A, Gallegos-Orozco JF, Pawelczyk A, Jablonska J, Wilkinson J, Adair DM, Laskus T. Evidence for viral persistence in anti-hepatitis C antibody positive patients with normal alanine aminotransferase levels. J Infectious Disease. 2005 May 15;191(10):1730-3
  • D.M. Adair, P.L. Worsham, K.K. Hill, A.M. Klevytska, P.J. Jackson, A.M. Friedlander and P. Keim. 2000. Diversity in a Variable-Number Tandem Repeat from Yersinia pestis. J. Clin. Microbiol. 38:1516-1519.
  • Jackson, P.J., M. Hugh-Jones, D.M. Adair, G. Green, K.K. Hill, C.R. Kuske, L.M. Grinberg, O. V. Yampolskaya and P. Keim. 1998. Molecular Analysis of Tissue Samples from the 1979 Sverdlovsk Anthrax Victims: The Presence of Multiple Bacillus anthracis in Different Victims. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A. 95(3):1224-1229.

*Full list of publications available upon request

Grants Received

NIH, Hepatitis C Virus Brain Infection in HCV/HIV Coinfection 2005

Group Affiliations

American Society for Microbiology





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