Fine Arts Student Show 2022


Olivia Schmidt


Olivia Schmidt "Harry"
Olivia Schmidt "How to Clean a Litterbox"
Olivia Schmidt Inktober Drawing
Olivia Schmidt "My Dreams"

Artist Statement:

 My inspiration to create is based off of my surroundings and the emotions I experience. I enjoy to make work about topics that aren’t talked about as much or display satire and dark humor, whether it be a serious topic of an illness or my hatred for children. Having an equal balance of serious and humorous work is what I aspire to. 

My medium of choice is acrylic paint and any pencil I can get my hands on. The smoothness of paint and how I can create a range of dimension and color on a canvas speaks to me. Drawing with pencil is therapeutic and is my start of beautiful painting, illustration, and idea. With painting, I use an open pallet which gives me the freedom to capture life on a 2D surface. The way a surface can go from light to dark so swiftly is beautiful and blending, whether it be a dry or wet medium is important to me. I work in a realist style, incorporating illustrative aspects and narratives in my work. 

Portraits and the human body are most evident in my work. Using the human form allows me to express emotions more clearly. I include life in my artwork to embed more beauty and a range of different perspectives, interpretations, and experiences of my life. I want the viewer to have their own interpretations of my artwork. My artwork transcends another life and purpose on a 2D surface speaks to what I feel and experience.

After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

  • After SUNY Ulster I plan to transfer to a 4-year school to continue my art education in painting.


Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster:

Walking into the gallery, hanging a 5’5” self portrait of myself sitting in a dentist chair, and people in my class not knowing how to respond was a defining moment in my art career at SUNY Ulster. It accurately describes my art and the confusion I love to see from it. 





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