Adv Router Configuration II

NET 203

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Credits: 3

This course is the third course of the four semester Cisco Systems CCNP ENCORE / ENARSI program. Cisco’s professional level (4 year) program can lead to coveted certifications and high level positions in computer network administration. After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to configure Cisco routers for operation in large or growing multiprotocol internetworks. The course includes laboratory exercises that focus primarily on scalable WAN technologies and the Cisco IOSTM software features that are most useful in building these internetworks. This course aligns with the second half of the ENARSI industry certification exam, which is a milestone part of the Cisco CCNP advanced certification. Many of the topics are shared with the CCIE masters level certification track. This course is designed for students seeking a technical degree in the field of Computer Networking, and for the student seeking CCNP certification. It is also highly useful for those seeking computer forensics and cyber security certifications and degrees. It follows the proven, world recognized Cisco Networking Academy curriculum and incorporates significant online components, including testing. Students must be very familiar with modern Windows computers and be comfortable using computers before registering for this course. Students should have a working knowledge of advanced routing and network administration principles and practice. There is a significant online component to this course.