Fund Concepts of Metrology

MFG 109

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Credits: 3

This course teaches students to interpret the symbols and measurements that appear on technical drawings, necessary for machine operators, supervisors, inspectors, and other manufacturing personnel. Hands-on exercises, sketching, and group projects will be included in lessons. Topics covered: line types, basic symbols, basic multi-views, dimensions, tolerances, auxiliary views, assembly drawings, threads and fasteners, ANSI symbols, finishes, and sectional views. This course also covers basic measurement and math concepts required in a manufacturing environment. The application of fractions, decimals, metric and standard units, and algebra will be the initial focus, using industry-specific examples to develop students' mechanical problem solving skills. Basic geometry and trigonometry for calculating unknown dimensions, angles, areas, weights, and volumes will be covered. The course will incorporate work readiness and teamwork skill training.