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Whether you're traveling to a foreign country for business or pleasure, it is helpful to understand the language and to be able to communicate. Your trip will be more pleasant if you know a bit of something about the culture, behaviors, etiquette of doing business, values and morals of the people at your destination. Learning a language is also a great way to communicate with family and friends. It is also something to add to your resume. 

Course Offerings

Ingles Como Segundo Idioma (English as a Second Language)

Este es un curso de introduccion al aprendizaje del idioma ingles. Esta disefiado para ayudar con el aprendizaje de vocabulario basico y habilidades de comunicaci6n.
El objetivo de esta clase introductoria es mejorar la comprensi6n oral, auditiva, de lectura y escritura y ayudar a que cada persona alcancen sus metas en el aprendizaje del ingles coma segundo idioma que se puede usar en la vida cotidiana yen el lugar de trabajo. La mayorfa de la instruccion es en ingles, pero solo cuando es absolutamente necesario, algunos conceptos se explican en espafiol.
Tu instructor es Mateo Orellana. Las clases se impartiran los dias:
Martes y jueves a partir martes 5 de abril y finaliza el jueves 9 de junio.
6pm-9pm en la Iglesia La Mision en 80 Elmendorf St Kingston.

CFA 1128 CRN 66980 T/R 4/5-6/9 La Iglesia Mision $20.00

Enhancing Language Development in Childhood

This course will help you enrich your child's life by stimulating their continued speech, brain, and language development in an enjoyable, age-appropriate, and natural way. 24 hours.

Registration link. Online $109

Discover Sign Language

This course will teach you how to sign basic phrases and complete sentences and how to put it all together, allowing you to introduce yourself and start a conversation. 24 hours.

Registration link. Online $119

Conversational Japanese

Whether you want to learn conversational Japanese for travel or just for fun, you'll find this course makes it easy and enjoyable for beginners to master the essentials of the Japanese language. 24 hours.

Registration link. Online $119

Instant Italian

This dynamic course will teach you how to express yourself comfortably in Italian. You'll learn practical, everyday words. You'll read, hear, and practice dialogues based on typical situations that you're likely to encounter if you plan to vacation in Italy. 24 hours.

Registration link. Online $119

Beginning Conversational French

This course will help you master the best pronunciations. Simply click on each word to hear it spoken. Every word and sentence is also written out phonetically. 24 hours.

Registration link. Online $119

Spanish for Law Enforcement

In the law enforcement field, mastering basic Spanish will give you more power to handle situations involving Spanish-speaking victims, witnesses, or criminals. 24 hours.

Registration link. Online $119

Medical Spanish Series

Are you struggling to communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients? If so, here's the perfect solution. Whether you're new to the Spanish language or just want a refresher, this fun and simple course will give you the basic tools you need to bridge the communication gap. 48 hours.

Registration link. Online $199




Interprets and Translators - Bright Outlook Career (11% National job growth 2018-2028)

  • Workers on average in NYS earn $69,330
  • 10% of workers earn $37,400 or less
  • 10% of workers earn $113,260 or more

Interpret oral or sign language, or translate written text from one language to another.







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