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Whether you're traveling to a foreign country for business or pleasure, it is helpful to understand the language and to be able to communicate. Your trip will be more pleasant if you know a bit of something about the culture, behaviors, etiquette of doing business, values and morals of the people at your destination. Learning a language is also a great way to communicate with family and friends. It is also something to add to your resume. 

Course Offerings


Italian Language & Culture

Maybe you've always wanted to study Italian, but didn't have the time. Perhaps you would simply like to communicate better with Italian friends and family. In this engaging remote zoom class, we will study the Italian language and culture utilizing a number of online tools. Emphasis will be placed on the nuts and bolts, essential verbs, and how to bridge Italian and English using cognates...words that look and sound like their foreign cousins. You'll discover you know a lot more than you realized and be happy to see how much progress you can make with the right road map! Connect with others while also developing new tools that will empower and inspire you! A great beginner's class but also perfect for anyone that would like to review. Expand your horizons and learn the most beautiful of languages:  Italiano!

Required text: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Learning Italian, ISBN: 978-1615642182 and an Italian/English dictionary. Material fee $10 payable in class. Instructor: G. Euvino

NCC 2181 CRN 90321 W 9/23-11/18 (No class 11/11) 6-8pm Remote $195

Spanish for Beginners I

Basic skills will be achieved through interactive practice using common conversation. It is intended for people who want to communicate in Spanish at work, in a social setting, in a school environment or while traveling. Note: No previous knowledge of Spanish is needed. Note: Tuesday night classes will be going at a slower pace than Monday nights. Instructor: M. Guldan

NCC 1950-01 CRN 90230 M 9/14-11/9 6-8:30pm Remote $175

NCC 1950-02 CRN 90231 T 9/8-11/3 5-7:30pm Remote $175

Spanish II

Designed for those who want to improve and polish their Spanish skills for conversational, real life situations. The instructor adapts the course content to the level of the students in the class.

Prerequisite: Spanish I or permission of the instructor. Note: Tuesday night classes will be going at a slower pace than Monday nights. Instructor: M. Guldan

NCC 2000-01 CRN 90234 M 11/16-12/21 6-8:30pm Remote $129

NCC 2000-02 CRN 90235 T 11/10-12/15 5-7:30pm Remote $129

Professional Interpreter

This course will enable you to develop the skills necessary to use your knowledge of languages to help other people communicate. You'll start by gaining a clear understanding of what interpreting is; the different interpreting techniques, settings, and delivery modes; and the differences between a career in public services interpreting and other language-related fields. You will also receive a thorough grounding in the principles of ethics and professional conduct as they apply to the interpreting field. In addition, you'll learn how to control the communication flow of an interpreting encounter to ensure that all parties are recognized and heard during the meeting.

To register for this course visit the Ed2Go site. Online $995

Professional Translator

As the world becomes more interconnected, demand for professional translators is booming. This online training course will give you the skills you need to work as an English/Spanish translator. It will also prepare you for the American Translators Association (ATA) certification exam.

Professional Translator focuses on translating written messages from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English. You will gain key translation skills, such as eliminating linguistic interference, maintaining grammatical structure, and providing cross-cultural localization.

To register for this course visit the Ed2Go site. Online $2395

Discover Sign Language

Gain confidence in your ability to sign with the Deaf community. This course immerses you in silence to help you gain an understanding of the perspective of the hearing impaired and uses videos to demonstrate not only how to make signs, but how to communicate with facial expression.

To register for this course visit the Ed2Go site. Online $115/$119

Conversational Japanese

Prepare for your next trip to Japan by learning the basics of conversational Japanese. This course will provide you with useful words and phrases for conversing as you master the essentials of the Japanese language.

To register for this course visit the Ed2Go site. Online $100/$119




Interprets and Translators - Bright Outlook Career (11% National job growth 2018-2028)

  • Workers on average in NYS earn $69,330
  • 10% of workers earn $37,400 or less
  • 10% of workers earn $113,260 or more

Interpret oral or sign language, or translate written text from one language to another.







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