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Real Estate - Commercial & Residential Rental Properties

This seminar provides students with essential information for the landlord interested in Renting out Real Estate - Commercial and Residential. The following are sample tips for first time landlords. These will be covered in addition to in-depth information for Commercial/Residential Rental properties:

  • Rent - establish a due date and amount - stick to it
  • Screening Tenants Thoroughly
  • Familiarize yourself with Fair Housing Laws
  • Lease – work with an Attorney to be sure your lease protects you

The Instructors are landlords and have been for a long time. They will share with students many critical topics to be considered in this field. In addition, the course will cover Best Practices and Boots on the Ground Experiences to assist you in achieving success in this business. This SBDC course is offered FREE for any matriculated SUNY Ulster student and Veterans.

DCB 2318 CRN 90252 W 11/4 6-8pm Remote $35

Real Estate and Appraisal 

Become a real estate agent at our online New York real estate school. Mbition helps fast-track your real estate career with New York real estate new licensing packages and online courses. These courses fulfill the mandatory New York real estate license requirements.

Advance your real estate career and become a real estate broker with state-approved online New York real estate broker license requirements. Complete your New York real estate education anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access to user-friendly broker pre-license online courses.

Make your New York real estate license renewal hassle-free. We offer 100% state-approved, New York real estate continuing education (CE) online courses. Fast-track your license renewal with one of our New York Real Estate CE packages or courses.

Continuing Education (CE) and License Renewal Requirements:

  • Real estate professionals in New York need to renew their licenses every two years from the date their license was issued
  • Licensees must take 22.5 hours of real estate CE, which includes 3 hours on fair housing and 1 hour on agency
  • Effective 7/1/2021: 22.5 hours which must include at least 2.5 hours on ethical business practices, 1 hour of recent legal matters, 3 hours of fair housing and/or discrimination in the sale or rental of real property or an interest in real property, and 1 hour of law of agency. In the initial 2-year licensing term, 2 hours of agency must be completed.

To register for this course visit the Mbition site.

Plan for Business Growth & Recovery

Start or grow your business with this powerful, cutting edge framework to invent, design, improve or redesign your business. Clearly identify areas that make your business grow, thrive or stall. Step back and see the whole picture on one page. Easily shift your approach to keep abreast of changes in the market, and keep up with the competition. Instructor: Rose Rubin is the Chapter Chair for Ulster SCORE. She has started three small businesses herself and has helped dozens of entrepreneurs start businesses. Her background in business and teaching business courses has given her a clear insight into what it takes to start a business and keep it going so it does not fail in the first five years.

DCB 2316 CRN 90253 R 9/17 6-8pm Remote $25

Negotiate Like a Pro & Get What You Want

If you find you are settling rather than getting what you want, this workshop will provide effective ways to negotiate for yourself or for your business. Even if you hate selling or are shy, you can negotiate for what you want and increase the number of times you get what you are worth or what you want. As your business grows or you move up in a company it becomes more and more imperative to negotiate for success. Topics include: How to deal with the fear of conflict; Owning your value; Not being afraid to ask for what you truly want; Clearing any limiting beliefs that stop you from negotiating. Instructor: Jennifer Dawn is the owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching. She’s a serial entrepreneur who has grown two multi-million-dollar businesses, loves working on her third now, is a successful speaker, and author. She serves high-achieving entrepreneurs to clarify their business vision, refine their goals, and execute a strategy to achieve them.

DCB 2317 CRN 90335 F 10/2 2-4pm Remote $25

Abra un Negocio y Trabaje Para Usted

Este seminario, dictado en Espanol, explora los pasos necesarios que el empresario debe dar para el establecimiento de su negocio propio. Los temas a tratar incluyen una revision de las opciones de estructura formal segun la ley, la evaluacion del mercado, estrategias de ventas y nivel de precios, permisos y licencias, seguros, controles financieros y administrativos, obtencion de fondos, etc. Tambien se exploran las estrategias a seguir para mantener el negocio exitoso y lucrativo una vez conformado. This SBDC course is offered FREE for any matriculated SUNY Ulster student and Veterans.

DCB 2261 CRN 90248 T 9/22 6-8pm Remote $35

Do you Have an Appetite for a Food Business?

This class is for the person who loves to cook and has some amazing recipes that they want to share with the world. Whether it is a restaurant, bakery, food truck, or stand, this class will provide a “soup-to-nuts” overview of the process of the planning required for opening a food establishment. Topics will include regulatory issues, start-up considerations, personnel requirements, menu planning, financial projections, marketing, and financing. Learn from “well-seasoned” business advisors from the Small Business Development Center who work with aspiring food service entrepreneurs on a regular basis. This SBDC course is offered FREE for any matriculated SUNY Ulster student and Veterans.

DCB 2263 CRN 90249 T 10/6 & 10/20 6-7pm Remote $35

CSM Learn with Coach

CSM is a self-paced online course that builds High Performance competencies critical for work and life in the areas of math and literacy. Those completing this course will be able to solve real-world problems. This course pushes students to excel, to learn new skills on their own and to execute those skills with care and persistence. This course demands that every student develops strong attention to detail, learn what excellent work is, gain confidence in their ability to excellent work and experience the joy of mastery. Course price includes a CSM coach.

DCB 2353 CRN 90334 Online $160

Effective Business Writing

The ability to write clearly and directly is highly prized in most organizations. Well-written emails and documents can help you earn respect among your peers. And poorly written emails and documents can detract from success at all levels. The ideas, techniques, and checklists in this introductory-level course apply to all forms of business writing: memos, reports, brochures, proposals, presentations, catalogs, and websites. This course will also teach how to revise for wordiness, unnecessary phrases, redundancy, and jargon, and the appropriate use of email in an organizational setting. (NOTE: This course can be taken separately or as part of the Certificate in Business Communications bundle which includes this course as well as Effective Presentations, Effective Public Speaking, Communicating Collaboratively and Effective Emails, Memos and Letters for $299)

To register for this course visit the MindEdge site Online $99

How to Start your Own Business

This seminar provides students with a checklist for starting a small business and includes personal assessment; How to register a new business; Employer ID numbers; NYS and NYC permits and licenses; Business insurance and much more! If you want to start a business but wonder how to go about doing it, this seminar is for you. Learn what makes a successful startup possible as well as what must be in place to keep the business running successfully. This SBDC course is offered FREE for any matriculated SUNY Ulster student and Veterans.

DCB 1400 CRN 90250 R 10/15 6-8pm Remote $35

Professional Practices

This course focuses on the realities of running a photographic or creative business. You will learn how to communicate with potential clients, create budgets, and plan a shoot from start to finish. Each week a few topics will be covered, such as marketing oneself, rate and term negotiations, expenses and advances, job numbers, licensing and copyrights, billing, model releases, insurance, and general workflow. Instructor: J. Wexler is a portrait and lifestyle photographer. In addition to her advertising, editorial and fine art projects, Jayne has published three acclaimed books of portraiture, Daughters & Mothers (a New York Times bestseller), Girlfriends, and Grandmothers

Taught using Zoom. This course is open to students ages 17 and older.

DCB 2359 CRN 90365 R 10/8-29 5:30-7:30pm Remote $165

Managing Google Drive for Business

This 2-hour course will provide you with a good understanding of organizing and managing your Google Drive account and create more paperless solutions for your team. Whether you run a small two person operation or a larger company with various departments, learn how to create shared drives, folders, and documents in an efficient manner. These workflows will create an easier way to manage some of your operations for both in house and virtual staff members. Instructor, Joe Gonzalez is a 20-year professional in operations and project management. His work experience has been in several industries including: web development, education, entertainment and nonprofit.

DCB 2352 CRN 90319 09/30 W 6-8pm Remote $35



Certificate in Human Resource Management Suite

An effective human resource management strategy is a valuable asset to any company, but those running small businesses often cannot justify designating a full-time HR professional to manage employee relations, compensation, policy-making, performance management, and employee appraisals. This suite of courses will teach you the basics of managing the benefits and policies that support an effective staff. Each 3 to 5 hour, self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will engage you and structure your learning about human resource management. Upon successful completion, you can download a printable certificate of completion for this online course suite. This certificate has no textbooks or prerequisites. 

To register for this course visit the MindEdge site Online $399

HR Management

Learn how to manage your most important resources through a variety of online courses with our online partner, MindEdge. Courses include a certificate in Human Resources Management, Employee Rights, Employee Safety, and more.

For registration and the full range or courses, visit the Human Resources Catalog
Certificate in Nonprofit Management

This online certificate program introduces learners to key current management issues for nonprofit organizations. Fundraising, board and volunteer development, budgeting, reading financial statements, leadership, marketing, and setting strategic direction are all addressed, and video commentary on these crucial topics will give you insight into how nonprofit professionals apply key concepts in their own organizations. Each 3 to 5 hour, self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will engage you and help you practice effective decision making in a nonprofit setting. After completing all the courses, learners will engage in a simulation meant to test the concepts covered in the courseware. Some courses in this certificate award CFRE credits. 

To register for this course visit the MindEdge site Online $699

60 PDU Project Management Course Bundle

This bundle offers Project Management Professionals access to online, self-paced courses at a fraction of the price of purchasing courses individually. You can access seven online project management courses for a full year and earn 60 PDUs. Don't risk losing your PMP certification; enroll today and start earning PDUs. Courses are self-paced and can be conveniently accessed anytime and anywhere from a computer with an internet connection. Courses are engaging and include real-world examples, videos, interactive games, assessments, and focused instruction. An Ask the Expert feature allows you to pose course-related questions and receive feedback within 24 hours. 

To register for this course visit the MindEdge site Online $999

Project Management

Learn the latest in project management skills and become a CAPM, a PMP, an RMP, and lock-in a confident career path. A broad range of online course offerings are available including various certifications, Ethics for Project Managers, Managing Real World Projects, and more. 

For registration and the full range or courses, visit the Project Management Catalog


Nonprofit Management & Budgeting

A broad series of online courses are available with our online partner, MindEdge. A sampling of our offerings include: Nonprofit Management, Budgeting a Nonprofit Organization, Fundraising for Nonprofits, and more.

For registration and the full range or courses, visit the Nonprofit catalog

Career Development

There are six online networking and career development courses to prepare new graduates, people re-entering the workforce and career changers for the professional work environment. From resume writing and interviewing to networking and managing personal finances, these courses teach professionals the life skills that a traditional education may have left behind.

EMSI, a labor market analytics company, looked at all job postings in Ulster County earlier this year and gathered the top (hot/resilient) skills across 20 occupations with the most job posting growth. The top five on this list were customer service, communications, management, problem solving, and written and verbal communications. According to EMSI “the future of work is skills-based. - On June 26, President Trump signed an executive order implementing ‘merit-based reforms that will replace degree-based hiring with skills and competency-based hiring.’ While the direct impact of the order is limited to the federal government’s own hiring policies, … prominent business leaders ... seems to indicate support from the private sector.” NOW is the time to update your resume! 

Visit the MindEdge site to view the range of courses offered in Career Development. Online $49-$79

Certificate in Business Communications (Bundle)

Includes: Effective Business Writing, Effective Presentations, Effective Public Speaking, Communicating Collaboratively, and Effective Emails, Memos and Letters. These can also be taken separately.

To register for this course visit the MindEdge site Online $299

Small Business Management

Managing a small business is no small task. Learn the critical skills for managing your small business's finances, human resource challenges, and marketing efforts. These online courses include a certificate in Small Business Management, Accounting for Small Business, Law for Small Business and more.

For registration and the full range of courses, visit the Business Catalog.





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