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"It has been estimated that almost 50% of today's water and wastewater operators will retire within the next five to seven years. They'll need to be replaced." - The American Water Works Association 

Water and Wastewater operators serve their neighbors by protecting public health. They are the first line of defense against waterborne diseases, and our guardians of water quality.  SUNY Ulster’s training programs satisfy the necessary requirements dictated by the NYS Department of Health for Grades A, B, C, and D Water Treatment Plant Operators, as well as the education needed to work in a Wastewater Treatment facility as an approved training provider by the Department of Environmental Conservation. SUNY Ulster also provides continuing education training for certified Water/Wastewater operators. Water courses are approved by the NY State Department of Health for pre-certification training. Under Part 5 of the NY Sanitary Code, all NY State Grades A, B, C, and D Water Treatment Plant Operators are required to complete an approved training program as a prerequisite to becoming certified.

Course Offerings

Grade 3 Supervision & Technical Operations/Technical Module

This course meets NYS Department of Environmental Conservation requirements for those persons desiring Grade 3 or higher certification that have previously completed NYSDEC approved Supervision course. It is designed to help operators improve technical skills.

PSP1512 CRN 90384 M/W 9/12 & 9/14 6-9:15pm Remote $199

Grade 4 Management

To prepare Operators seeking their Grade 4A License to manage capital projects from concept to completion including grant writing, energy efficiency, adherence to regulations, community relations, budgets and contract management.

Manage for Success textbook (ISBN 978-1-59371-002-6) is required and must be purchased by the student. 

PSP1005 CRN 90390 M/T 11/7-11/22 Remote $499

Math for Water Operators

Certification as a water treatment plant operator requires the skills presented in this class. This course serves as a refresher to those who may feel intimidated by basic math, algebra, or using formula sheets.

DCB1735 CRN 67003 T/R 8/23-8/30 Remote $129

Basic Wastewater Operations

Designed to train operators in the practical aspects of operating and maintaining wastewater treatment plants, emphasizing the use of safe practices and procedures. Information presented includes the role and responsibilities of a treatment plant operator, an explanation of why wastes must be treated, and detailed descriptions of the equipment and processes used in a wastewater treatment plant.

Spring 2023

Basic Wastewater Operations Lab

Designed to give students an introduction to wastewater laboratory including chemical nomenclature; laboratory safety; description of glassware, chemicals, lab equipment, and instrumentation; quality assurance, flow measurement and sampling.

Spring 2023

Activated Sludge

Required for candidates applying for certification for an activated sludge or “A” facility. Developed to instruct how to efficiently operate the activated sludge portion of a wastewater treatment plant. Control strategies and application of laboratory data are presented. Safety and regulatory recordkeeping are emphasized.

Spring 2023

Grade A Water Operator

Topics in this course include operator qualifications and responsibilities, water quality control, co­agulation, sedimentation, filtration, pH and alkalinity adjustment, iron and manganese removal, water softening and chlorination, bacteriological laboratory techniques, emergency planning, safety, hydraulics and pumps, process calculations and distribution system operation and maintenance.

PSP1500 CRN 90386 T/R 9/8-12/1 6-9pm Remote $1745 (includes text)
No class on 11/24

Grade B Water Operator

This course is designed for operators of plants providing treatment for disinfection by chlorina­tion, iron and manganese removal, corrosion control, emergency planning, safety, hydraulics and pumps, and process calculations are covered.

PSP1504 CRN 90387 T/R 9/8-11/8 6-9pm Remote $1345 (includes text)

Grade C Water Operator

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic background in the principles and practices of water treatment.

PSP1507 CRN 90388 M/W 9/19-11/2 6-9pm Remote $975 (includes text)

Grade D Water Operator

This course of study is designed for operators of distribution systems serving greater than 1,000 people. Topics include pressure zones, booster stations, storage tanks, fire protection and disinfection.

PSP 1508 CRN 90389 M/W 11/7-12/7 6-9pm Remote $725
No class on 11/23







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