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Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument for fun or to pursue a career? Are you looking to sharpen your performance skills in preparation for NYSSMA, All-County, or college auditions? All of our courses are led by SUNY Ulster music faculty, giving you the opportunity to learn from highly skilled musicians. 

The Community Music School offers instruction and performance opportunities in a wide variety of instruments for both avocational and professional ambitions. Teens and adults of any skill level can take individual lessons, or participate in ensembles or band. The learning doesn’t have to end here, you can go on to take credit classes towards an associate degree

Course Offerings

Applied Lessons

Private lessons are available on guitar, bass, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and jazz improvisation. If there is an instrument not listed that you are interested in learning or sharpening your skills on then contact Chris Earley at communitymusic@sunyulster.eduHe will answer any questions, help to set-up private lessons or make sure being part of an ensemble is right for you and explain how to register for additional lessons. He can also discuss the credit offerings with you.

The lessons are offered in 5-lesson sessions. They meet once a week and are held online. Make-up lessons will only be rescheduled if the instructor misses a lesson or if you provide 12-hour notice of an upcoming missed lesson. There will be no make-ups for no-shows or late cancellations.

NCC 2115 CRN 30195  30 Minutes Remote 5 Lessons $158

NCC 2116 CRN 30196  45 Minutes Remote 5 Lessons $236

NCC 2117 CRN 30197  60 Minutes Remote 5 Lessons $315

Ensembles & Band 

You can choose from string, guitar, percussion or community band. They are held weekly throughout each semester. Most are only open to students who have achieved NYSSMA level V or higher or by audition. Please contact Chris Earley on how things will be conducted this semester before registering.

String Ensemble

This focuses on playing music in a chamber setting without a conductor. Each member is important and responsible for learning their parts. We cover all periods of music from the Renaissance to the contemporary. There are 2/3 performances per semester within Ulster County. An audition is required to register for this class. This is open to students who have achieved NYSSMA level VI + audition. Directed by A. Solberg

NCC 2119 CRN 66819 Starts 1/25 6:30-8:30pm SRC $15/semester

Guitar Ensemble

You will now have the opportunity to perform in an ensemble, featuring music from Renaissance to modern rock. This group has ranged in size from 4 to 8 performers in the past, so each participant plays an integral role in the ensemble’s success. You should have some background with reading traditional music notation to be successful in this course. Directed by G. Dinger

NCC 2130 CRN 66821 Starts 1/26 2:30-4pm SRC $15/semester

Percussion Ensemble

Performers will have the opportunity to further their ensemble and technical skills in an environment where percussion is the primary instrument. The percussion ensemble performs a wide range of music styles from Renaissance to Popular Music. There will be at least one performance per semester. This is open to students who have achieved NYSSMA level V or higher or by audition. Directed by C. Earley

NCC 2118 CRN 66818 Starts 1/26 4-5:20pm SRC $15/semester

Community Band

This is composed of advanced middle school students, high school students, college students, and community musicians. The ensemble performs a minimum of two concerts per semester and draws its repertoire from standard wind band literature. This is open to students who have achieved NYSSMA level IV or higher. Directed by V. Izzo

NCC 2121 CRN 66820 Starts 1/27 7-9pm SRC $15/semester

College Chorus

Directed by J. Gehres

NCC 2183 CRN 66822 Starts 1/25 noon-12:55pm  Hybrid $15/semester

Jazz Ensemble

Directed by D. Shaut

NCC 2184 CRN 66823 Starts 1/26 5:30-7pm SRC $15/semester





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