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SUNY Ulster is a New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) Education and Training Provider offering the 350 Hour education and training required for CASAC credentialing.  Through a balance of lecture, dialogue, and experiential exercises that allow participants to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities they have learned, students are exposed to the full range of counselor competencies, a distinct understanding of the knowledge base associated with substance use disorder specialists, diversity in different treatment approaches and professional and ethical responsibilities.

Upon completion, students are issued the OASAS 350 Hour Certificate of Completion, providing all the coursework necessary to apply for the CASAC Trainee status. SUNY Ulster also provides state approved renewal classes for current CASAC holders. 

A payment plan is available for students who wish to pay monthly. 



Course Offerings



Section I: Basic Knowledge of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Introduces students to the issues related to alcohol and substance abuse, including the role of the professional. Provides a knowledge base regarding the models and theories of addictions and other chemical abuse. (Fulfils 85 hours in Section I) Synchronous, remote classes via ZOOM.

DCB1037 CRN 90272 9/14-12/7 (No class 10/12, 11/11) M/W 5-9pm Remote $680

Section II: Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counseling

Provides an in-depth understanding of the theories and practice of individual, family and group counseling of substance use disorders. Learn to recognize substance use disorders using the DSM-V and identify risk factors for prevention and relapse. Cultivate techniques that enhance cultural competence and the principles of group and family counseling with individuals that have substance use disorders. You will be introduced to the use of addiction medications for individuals with co-occurring disorders, for the suppression of withdrawal, and to relieve cravings. (Fulfills 150 hours in Section II)​ Synchronous, remote classes via ZOOM.

DCB1038 CRN 66799 12/9 -5/10 (No class 12/21-1/1, 1/18, 2/15) M/W 5-9pm Remote $1200

Section III: Assessment; Clinical Evaluation; Treatment Planning; Case Management; Patient, Family & Community Education

Examines the basic concepts relevant to understanding the process of Clinical Assessment/Evaluation and Treatment for addictive behaviors. Offers an introduction to case management, treatment planning, goal setting with measurable objectives, time frames; activities, evaluation, relapse-prevention, and discharge planning as well as introducing prevention and family education. (Fulfills 70 hours in Section III) Synchronous, remote classes via ZOOM.

DCB1039 CRN 66801 5/12-7/14 (No class: 5/31) M/W 5-9pm Remote $560

Section IV: Professional Ethical Responsibilities

Addresses Ethical Responsibilities for counseling professionals by presenting an overview of ethical thought, principles, and decision making. Content also addresses confidentiality, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the OASAS requirement of two hours of Mandated Reporter training, and Counselor Wellness. (Fulfills 45 hours in Section IV)​ Synchronous, remote classes via ZOOM.

DCB1040 7/19-8/25 M/W 5-9pm Remote $360






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