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Both a credit Micro Credential and a non-credit Front End Web Development course are available to students.  The Web Application Developer Micro Credential is designed to prepare students for a career in Web Application development. Students learn the fundamentals of computer programming including HTML, CSS, JavaScript Web Languages.  

Front End Web Development is structured around tutorials, assignments, and individual and group projects to give students hands-on practice building the pieces of code that determine how an online experience feels, and connect the user experience into the data-crunching processes of the back end.  Through lecture and individual assignments, students will establish solid foundations in key tools of front end developers: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript/jQuery, and collaborative workplace/version control tool Github.

Course Offerings

Python for Data Analytics

Python for Data Analytics is designed for both students with no prior programming experience and those interested in learning new coding languages or applications. Students will learn fundamental programming concepts using the programming language Python, specifically as a tool for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data. Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and more businesses are introducing Python into their work. The course will take students through the basics of programming (variables, data structures, loops, conditionals, etc.), and into Python Libraries for data analysis (Numpy, Matplotlib, etc). Basic statistics will also be covered to help students interpret data, such as basic summary statistics and how to recognize common statistical distributions. All this will culminate in the analysis and visualization of real data sets of the student’s choosing. This course meets two evenings per week, three hours per session. Occasional labs outside of classes will provide further opportunities for mentoring and networking.

DCB 2366 CRN 30217 T/R 2/2-4/29 5:45-8:45pm Remote $1,750






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