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In compliance with NY State DMV, SUNY Ulster offers a High School Driver Education program that will allow students to receive their MV-278, 5hr certificate and their MV-285 Certificate of Completion. The MV-285 entitles the driver to a senior license at age 17 and eligibility for insurance reductions under some providers. 

Students who are interested in this program must be 16 years of age and have their learners permit at the time of registration.


The drivers education lecture classes will run for 16 sessions. Students are required to attend the live lectures during the scheduled dates and times and complete all the necessary course work. Please note, there is a maximum of two absences allowed for this 16-week program. The instructor will provide no more than two makeups. Students who have other extra curricular activities should consider this when committing to the program.

In-Car Driving

The in-car driving instruction is led by a certified driving instructor. Our program uses a dual-brake vehicle for the driving instruction. There will be 3 or 4 students in a car together during the lessons. As long as students are attending their scheduled driving lessons, they will receive the number of hours required for their MV-278 and MV-285 certificates. 


  • See our FAQ to learn about road test requirements, insurance reductions cancellations, make-ups and more. 
  • Check out the New York DMV Practice Test.

Course Offerings

SUNY Ulster will be offering an in-person High School Driver Education program being held at the Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster. This program includes the required lectures and in-car driving instruction with a certified driving instructor. The course is offered to area high school students who can attend in-person.

The Spring 2024 program is now at capacity. If you are interested in being added to our waitlist for a future program, please email us at cereg@sunyulster.edu 








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