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SUNY Ulster offers broad-based safety training for both construction and general industry employees, as well as training on specific safety topics.  Our safety courses, focused on professional development for front-line supervisors and front-line workers, enable all within an organization to become safety leaders. SUNY Ulster can design specific training programs based on organizational needs. Past training topics have included: OSHA 10, OSHA 30, First Aid/CPR & AED, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Awareness, Sexual Harassment and Violence, and Hazardous Communications.  



Course Offerings

Control of Hazardous Energy

This course will review the role and responsibility of the employer in developing and implementing an energy control program. Topics covered will include types of hazardous energy, how to develop lockout tagout procedures, required documentation to meet OSHA compliance and categories of employees under the lockout tagout standard. 

DCB 2405 CRN 30337 W 3/8 8-11am KSU $275

Powered Industrial Truck Cert.

This course covers the instruction and the certification testing of those wishing to obtain a Powered Industrial Truck Certification. Attendees will be given instruction in safe practices, engineering principles, and safe operation of the industrial powered truck. All classes of forklifts will be covered in this course. Part two (practical) would include a forklift driving test to be done by the instructor, at the attendees' company site with the company’s forklift at a time and date determined by the employee and instructor.

DCB 2406 CRN 30338 W 3/22 8-10am KSU $299

Incident Investigation

This course is designed to teach the attendee how to conduct incident investigations when personal injury, property damage or near misses occur in their facility. Attendees will learn how to objectively investigate and determine root cause(s) and set forth plans to implement corrective actions so that same occurrences do not happen again. 

DCB 2407 CRN 30339 W 3/29 8-10am KSU $350

Airborne Health Hazards

Health hazards are prevalent in nearly all industrial settings. This course will explore the many health hazards found in industry such as exposures to asbestos, lead, cadmium, hexavalent chrome, silica and others. We will look at how to identify, minimize and protect against exposures and OSHA requirements for ensuring worker protection.

DCB 2408 CRN 30340 W 4/19 8-11am KSU $275






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