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Today’s marketers, which may also be the business owner, need alternative strategies and tactics in order to connect with prospects and consumers.

Understanding the interconnected value of these tools and techniques will set you apart from other small businesses and guide your development as a digital marketer.

Course Offerings

Digital Marketing Boot Camp

This series or course highlights the tools and techniques required for a small business to succeed online. As a series, each course builds upon each other creating an overarching marketing strategy. However, each class is designed to stand-alone and can be taken separately. Students who attend all six classes in the series will receive a Digital Marketing Boot Camp certificate of completion. For over 20 years, Chris Short has worked with small business owners to large-scale industrial manufacturing teams educating others in the aspects of complex marketing and communications. As Executive Director of the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce, he advises and guides companies by using cutting edge marketing tactics focused around Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

All Eyes & Ears- Video & Podcast Production Tips

This class will provide insights into the tools and techniques you need to make video and podcasting work for your business. Understand best practices for creating and optimizing videos online and learn simple production tips to make your videos look professional. Part of the Digital Marketing Boot Camp Series.

DCB 2235 CRN 90236 W 9/23 9am-noon Remote $49

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101 - What You Need to Get Started

This class is designed to remove the guesswork surrounding how your web page is found and evaluated by search engines. Learn back end techniques to provide search engines with a clear understanding of your site’s content and tools for optimizing your page titles and descriptions. Part of the Digital Marketing Boot Camp Series.

DCB 2236 CRN 90237 W 9/30 9am-noon Remote $49

How to Build Your First Email Marketing Campaign

This course will review the critical components required for developing a comprehensive email marketing campaign. We will also review current software options for managing your email campaigns and establishing baselines for testing and measuring your digital outreach efforts. Part of the Digital Marketing Boot Camp Series.

DCB 2238 CRN 90238 W 10/7 9am-noon Remote $49

Optimizing Your Instagram for Business

Learn how to properly position your brand and introduce your business to new audiences. The course will cover items such as brand voice, developing digital content that supports your business goals and tips on how to create a content calendar that simplifies the process of social posting. Part of the Digital Marketing Boot Camp Series.

DCB 2239 CRN 90239 W 11/18 9am-noon Remote $49

A Beginners Guide to Navigating Google Analytics

Learn the basics of navigating the Google Analytics dashboard, interpret website traffic data and understand the general reporting structure. This course will also cover a basic understanding of traffic acquisition metrics, on site behavior data and conversion goals. It will also include a brief overview on Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager. Part of the Digital Marketing Boot Camp Series.

DCB 2324 CRN 90240 W 10/21 9am-noon Remote $49

Mobile Optimization - How Local Search Drives Business 

The class will break down how to prepare your website for the mobile world by understanding the role of Google’s move toward mobile-first indexing, mobile SEO, as well techniques to improve page speed and user experience on mobile devices. Part of the Digital Marketing Boot Camp Series.

DCB 2237 CRN 90241 W 10/28 9am-noon Remote $49

Managing Google Drive for Your Business

This 2-hour course will provide you with a good understanding of organizing and managing your Google Drive account and create more paperless solutions for your team. Whether you run a small two person operation or a larger company with various departments, learn how to create shared drives, folders, and documents in an efficient manner. These workflows will create an easier way to manage some of your operations for both in house and virtual staff members. Instructor Joe Gonzalez.

DCB 2352 CRN 90319 W 9/30 6-8pm Remote $35

Writing for Online Blogs, Magazines & Websites

You don’t need a journalism degree or previously published articles to write for anyone’s online blog, magazine, or website. Some opportunities offer exposure, while many pay well -- $1 a word and more. In this fast-paced session, you will learn how to: find ideas, sources, and more than 1,000 opportunities that pay, conduct interviews and create interesting content, protect your copyright, write query letters, and then use this credibility to sell other articles or even your self-published novel. A detailed tutorial will be emailed to set up your free Zoom account, then the webinar login information and materials will be sent the day of class. Instructor: L. Krusemark

DCB 2354 CRN 90338 W 10/7 6-7pm Remote $25

Beginner's Guide to Starting a FREE Blog

Online blogging is a great way to get the word out about you, your service, your product, or information you want to share! You will learn step-by-step how to:

  • start a FREE blog with WordPress
  • choose a blog template
  • emphasize your blog content with a creative name
  • use your unique voice to share your expertise
  • connect your domain/website

You will also learn how to earn an income with your blog, including links to other websites and advertising on your blog, as well as increase your internet ranking. A detailed tutorial will be emailed to set up your free Zoom account, then the webinar login information and materials will be sent the day of class.

LeeAnne is an author, speaker, business owner, Chamber of Commerce Past President, and guest instructor at more than 200 colleges from Maine to Hawaii, as well as an adjunct online professor of publishing through Ed2Go at more than 2,000 facilities worldwide, including Harvard. LeeAnne’s inspiration in the classroom has even been compared to Oprah! (For more information, Internet search: LeeAnne Krusemark or visit

DCB 2355 CRN 90339 W 10/7 7-9pm Remote $45

WordPress Weekend Workshop for Intermediate Users

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Take your business or project website to the next level. Do you have a WordPress blog or website, or maintain and update one for your job? Have you started a project and do not know where to go next? Blow off the dust from that old site and get a refresher course in WordPress best practices.

Some topics that will be covered are:

  • create and format page posts with Classic and Block Editors
  • add Plugins to add functionality
  • modify images and media with WordPress Media Library tools
  • customize themes using CSS
  • add HTML to your pages and WIDGETS
  • use APIs like Google Maps and Mailchimp forms
  • pick a theme that is reliable and works for you
  • optimize your website or blog for SEO (search engine optimization), and integrate media and social media to your website or blog.

Prerequisite: Attendees MUST have a WordPress site that is up and running and have some experience with WordPress sites as well as proficiency in basic computer skills, such as using email, the internet, Google and light word processing. Instructor: D. Pearlman

DCM 1029 S 11/7 & 14 noon-4pm Remote $99

Photograph for Online Selling

A creative and practical one-day workshop that will equip you on how to create professional looking images for online selling. The class will be held via zoom and leading the class is Star Nigro professional commercial and fine arts photographer. She will share various tips on lighting, setups, camera settings and editing. This workshop is for those who want a comprehensive course giving you the tools to begin to take online photos or for those who have some experience but want to up your game. Be sure to have your DSLR camera or cell phone camera handy at class time.

DCB 2357 CRN 90354 T 10/6 6-8pm Remote $75



Certificate in Computer Skills for the Office

Bring your office skills to a whole new level by diving into a suite of engaging, informative courses. Excel with Excel, and move from the basics to an advanced level. Employ all of your newly-learned tips and tricks to unlock new dimensions from your data. Plus, expand your presentation prowess, with courses that deliver on the functional basics of the PowerPoint application while boosting your visual design skillset. Watch well-crafted video tutorials while reinforcing your learning with built-in knowledge checks, interactive exercises, and interactive games. Upon successful completion of all courses in this certificate program, you can download and print a Certificate of Completion And with this special pricing, you will get the Excel Basics course free and a cumulative discount of 38%, versus buying each course separately. 

To register for this class visit the MindEdge site $299





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