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person laying down with healing hands on either side of headIn recent years complementary health and wellness have grown in popularity. People used to consider these approaches outside of the mainstream or "alternative"--not part of conventional medical training; but now many patients and health care providers use alternative treatments together with conventional therapies.

Complementary health and wellness provides natural remedies and healthy solutions for your health concerns as well as practical ideas for self-care and prevention. You can take any of the courses below or you can also take courses through Ed2Go such as Certificate in Meditation, Aging & Health Bundle, Healthy Meals, Pain Management, Music Therapy to enhance a career. (We always caution students to always consult with your doctor before trying any new treatment or changes in your diet). 

Course Offerings


Reiki I & Chakra

Learn self-healing reiki 1, called SHODEN in Japan, the beginning teachings. Self-healing, quick healing in chairs, healing on tables covered with a focus on the meaning and important information about each chakra as it pertains to your own healing while you learn to help others to heal. Instructor: L. Salluzzi

NCC 1750 CRN 90254 M 9/14-10/5 6-8pm Remote $95

Reiki II

Receive the ancient initiations; the three Reiki II ancient symbols for healing. Learn and practice distance and hands-on healing using these symbols. In Reiki I you learned to align and channel 10% of the Reiki healing energy. In Reiki II you are ready to channel 90% of the energy through the ancient initiations passed on by the Reiki Master. Instructor: L. Salluzzi

NCC 1738 CRN 90260 M 10/18-11/9 6-8pm Remote $95

Advanced Reiki

Learn level I and II of the six levels to Reiki Master/Teacher, the highest level of Reiki healing but is not exclusively for those wishing to go on to the master level. This class will enhance the Reiki energy with the Kundalini energy from within and you will learn breathing techniques to facilitate this. You will also receive two more ancient symbols for healing yourself and others. Instructor: L. Salluzzi

NCC 1730 CRN 90261 M 11/16-12/7 6-8pm Remote $95





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