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person laying down with healing hands on either side of headIn recent years complementary health and wellness have grown in popularity. People used to consider these approaches outside of the mainstream or "alternative"--not part of conventional medical training; but now many patients and health care providers use alternative treatments together with conventional therapies.

Complementary health and wellness provides natural remedies and healthy solutions for your health concerns as well as practical ideas for self-care and prevention.

Course Offerings


Certificate in Meditation

Learn how to intentionally train your attention and concentration for effective meditation. In addition to meditation techniques, this course will also help you discover how meditation can be used to increase mindfulness, reduce stress, deal with pain and illness, and support overall health.

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Aging & Health Bundle

This program is designed for individuals who are working in the health care field, those who are interested in the topic, those who are working with the aging population, or anyone who wishes to prepare for a career in aging services or gerontology.

Registration link. Online $249

Certificate in Pain Assessment & Management

Pain assessment and management is a crucial part of compassionate and effective patient care. Healthcare providers must be more accurate with their pain assessment skills and more effective in their pain management strategies. Scientific advancements in the understanding of the mechanisms of pain, multidisciplinary methods of assessment and management, the wide array of integrative treatment strategies, and the improvement of medications to treat pain have contributed to the wealth of knowledge in this area.

The outcome of this certificate program is for the learner to describe key elements related to pain assessment and management, especially in specific populations.


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