Top Ten Reasons to Choose SUNY Ulster

Affordable Education
The cost of attending a four-year college is high and going higher. You can greatly reduce the cost of gaining a bachelor’s degree by graduating from SUNY Ulster and transferring to finish to a four-year institution to finish your degree. At SUNY Ulster, 70% of our students graduate with no debt and more than 200 students per year receive scholarships. 

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Flexible Scheduling

Most adult students struggle to find a way to make college fit in with job and family obligations. SUNY Ulster offers daytime, evening, weekend, and online classes to help you accomplish your educational goals. Did you know, we also offer seven different start dates to help get you get going.  And, you can shorten your time to degree attainment with Credits for Prior Learning.



The Power of SUNY

The SUNY System has a policy of seamless transfer for those graduating from a New York community college with an A.A. or A.S. degree. Our Transfer Office can help ensure the credits you earn at SUNY Ulster will earn you placement as a junior in the four-year SUNY college or university of your choice.

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Faculty Focus on Teaching 

Our professors don't just teach a course, they live it. Experts in their fields, they bring real life experiences to the classroom. Classes are small, so faculty have the ability to inspire and mentor.  Want to learn more about our well-credentialed faculty? Take a look at our faculty bios or watch a faculty video.



Internships & Real World Experience
From day one, you’ll have the opportunity to register for an internship or academic travel. In addition, many of our programs provide real world experiences as part of your classroom work such as creating graphics or developing drafting projects for real clients in our region. The ability to put this type of experience on your resume will give you a leg up when transferring or job hunting.

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College & Career Options
If you’re like most students, you may not yet know your career path. SUNY Ulster is ideal for exploring fields that interest you to find your passion. Choose from career-oriented programs if you want to enter the job market with your associate degree, certificate or diploma or from transfer programs if you’d like to transfer to a four-year college or university.

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Vibrant Student Life

Join a club.Run for office.See a play.Listen to a concert.Play for one of our athletic teams. Join us for BBQs, workshops, lectures, demonstrations and more. . College is about a lot more than going to class. Getting involved is one of the best ways to learn more, develop valuable leadership skills, make friends, build your resume, and have more fun.



Caring Community

You can feel it the moment you step foot on campus. We’re a community of helpers and doers, cheerleaders and mentors. You’ll quickly discover that faculty, staff and your fellow students become family. Taking advantage of the help of teachers, advisors, student leaders, tutors, and counselors can help you gain your footing and put you on the path to success.



Global Opportunities
Experiencing the world and connecting with other students from around the globe is easy for SUNY Ulster students. In addition to international and domestic travel, we are a leader in COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning). COIL classes use Internet-based tools like Skype and Moodle to connect with students from other institutions around the globe, without ever leaving campus.

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Support Services for Success

We strive to address the needs of all learners. From academic advising and tutoring to counseling and career services, we help you develop your academic, study, and time management skills to their fullest potential. We even have a Children’s Center so parents can attend classes knowing their child is safe and happy.

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