Returning Student

If you've previously applied to SUNY Ulster and last attended at least one semester ago, you'll need to apply for readmission.

If applying online, choose readmit from among the application types once you've created a login and selected a PIN. You can also request a readmission application from the Admissions Office.

In addition, be sure to

  • Update your mailing address, last name and phone number, if these have changed since you were last at SUNY Ulster;
  • Have official copies of your transcripts sent directly to SUNY Ulster's Admissions Office if you've attended any other college since SUNY Ulster. Check our Transfer Students page for information about transferring your credits and residency requirements.

We may recommend that you retake the Entering Student Assessment, based on how long ago you last took them and your previous coursework completed.

For students whose first time here was unsuccessful, our Fresh Start Policy (FSP) provides you with an opportunity to begin with a clean slate.

Fresh Start is available if you left SUNY Ulster without completing an academic program. It lets you start again with a new grade-point average (GPA). FSP is an option if you have not taken a course at SUNY Ulster for at least two academic years.





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