Fresh Start Policy

The Fresh Start Policy (FSP) provides a student who left SUNY Ulster without completing an academic program an opportunity to return and start again with a new grade-point average (GPA). FSP is an option, however, only for students who have not taken a course at SUNY Ulster for at least two academic years.

The FSP student will retain previous credit that:

  1. was completed with a grade of C- or better and
  2. can be applied to the requirements of the student's current academic program. However, no quality points earned from these courses will be applied to the student's GPA. The College may allow up to six credit hours of D+, D, or D- work from the student's previous courses when the inclusion of that work will allow the GPA for course work being accepted under FSP to be a 2.0 or higher. These credits will be considered only as general electives and will not be accepted in the major area of study.

Only quality points earned from courses taken after readmission will then apply to the student's GPA. Also, only those courses taken after readmission will count toward the student's eligibility for the Dean's List and other honors.

The student who chooses this option must apply for the FSP when returning to the College. An Admissions officer will review the student's reasons for entering the program and his or her current academic goals before making a decision.

The eligible student will be granted FSP officially only after completion of 12 new credit-bearing semester hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher in courses approved by the Associate Dean for Counseling and Student Services. To be eligible for a degree, the student must take at least 18 additional credit-bearing semester hours at SUNY Ulster for a minimum of 30 credit hours after readmission. The FSP student who wishes to obtain a one-year diploma must complete a total of 15 creditbearing semester hours after readmission.

Application for FSP must be made at the time of reentry and can be made only once during a student's academic career at SUNY Ulster. Once accepted,the student cannot petition for any other transcript modification. The student will sign an agreement acknowledging his or her understanding of this policy.

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