Alumni Hall Of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame

VIRTUAL Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on September 24

The induction ceremony can be viewed from any location with Internet access at 5:30 p.m.

through SUNY Ulster’s YouTube Channel and through a Facebook Watch Party.


2020 Inductees:

Dr. Lynn May Brown, Class of 1975

Scott DavisPE, Class of 1991

John A. DeGasperisEsq., Class of 2016

Robert R. Jacobsen, Esq., Class of 1998

The Honorable Kenneth J. Ronk, Jr., Class of 2006

Ambassador Beatrice Wilkinson Welters, Class of 1972


Please join us as we honor these special individuals for their educational and professional success and their community and public service, as they are inducted into SUNY Ulster's Alumni Hall of Fame.



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Past Hall of Fame


2014 Distinguished Alumni

  • Bridget Smith Bruhn
  • Kathleen D. Smith
  • Jack Spyker-Oles 


2008 Distinguished Alumni

2007 Distinguished Alumni

2006 Distinguished Alumni

  • Dr. Ide Pang Katims
  • Ann M. Marrott
  • Steven J. Mazzuca
  • William L. Spearman

2002 Distinguished Alumni

  • William Berardi
  • David Blakely
  • Jo Galante

2001 Distinguished Alumni

  • Robert Carey
  • Vincent Cozzolino
  • Francoise C. Dunefsky, M.S., R.N., CNAA

2000 Distinguished Alumni

  • Katheryn S. Abernethy
  • Alicia A. Bartz
  • Gerald M. Keller
  • Diane M. Loekle
  • Thomas F. McGowan

1999 Distinguished Alumni

  • Dr. Paul K. Barten, Ph.D.
  • Chari Ann DuMond
  • Edward T. Feldmann
  • Paul J. Hewitt
  • Hugh M. Spoljaric

1998 Distinguished Alumni

  • Thomas Byer
  • The Honorable T.R. Gallo
  • Ayesha Ibrahim
  • The Honorable Ward Todd
  • Dr. Elizabeth Tucker
  • The Honorable Raymond Younger

1997 Distinguished Alumni

  • Dana Thomas

1996 Distinguished Alumni

  • Diane Edge

1995 Distinguished Alumni

  • Dr. Louis Leo
  • Ann Gilchrist

1994 Distinguished Alumni

  • Diane L. Conrad
  • Wayne Debrosky
  • Jeffrey Fredenberg
  • Gerald Garfman
  • Rosanne Yetzer
  • Kevin Zraly







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