Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a Board of volunteers who are business and community leaders and representatives from the College.

The Board:

  1. Oversees the Foundation's asset management,
  2. Develops new donors, and
  3. Plans and executes special fundraising events.
portrait of Laurel Sweeney, woman in garden with short grey hair portrait of John Markes images of smiling woman, Barbara Connelly Cohen, in beige suit portrait of Floyd Lattin



(from left: Laurel Sweeney, John Markes,   Barbara Connelly Cohen, and Floyd Lattin.)

Laurel Sweeney, Chair; John M. Markes, Vice Chair, Barbara Connelly Cohen, Secretary and Floyd Lattin, Treasurer.


Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc.

Laurel Sweeney

John M. Markes

Barbara Cohen                    

Floyd Lattin



Dr. Alan P. Roberts, President, SUNY Ulster

Bryant “Drew” Andrews
Cheryl D. Bowers
Bill Calderara
Kathleen K. Cloonan
Scott Davis, P.E.
John A. DeGasperis, Esq.
Joanne A. Fredenberg
Robert R. Jacobsen, Esq.


Dennis A. O’Brien
Olana O’Connor
Darlene L. Pfeiffer
Dale Robbins
Alethea M. Shuman
Victoria St. John-Gilligan
Robert Tonner

Lorraine Salmon, Executive Director

Directors Emeriti

Richard A. Anthony
Sally Berger
Robert T. Brown, SUNY Ulster President Emeritus
William H. Collier III, Esq.
Richard C. Croce

Daniel J. Devine
Beverly Finnegan

Richard A. Mantey
Dr. Ann M. Marrott
Sara T. Rabbino
Richard V. Roth
David H. Rylance
Lorraine Salmon
William L. Spearman
Glenn B. Sutherland





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